Creative women sharing.

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Women collaborate and communicate differently. In an environment of only women, they also share differently, using the natural instinct to seek connection and commonality. Brainstorming together during this workshop, we will explore our lives, using photography as the metaphor to our visual voice for stories left behind.

There will be exercises, individual and group used to connect photographic stepping stones.  We’ll learn different tools along the way to express our vision and discover unity in our photographs and their message.  We’ll overcome any technical barriers while striving to discover additional ways to express ourselves by thinking outside the box. That could include breaking ourselves down to put ourselves back together through collage.

We’ll journal, we’ll discuss, we’ll ponder, we’ll laugh.  We’ll no doubt also cry as we encourage one another to share what is unique about each of us and the stories we must tell.

Elizabeth has spent most of her career documenting the soul and beauty of women…those that accept themselves and those that that go unnoticed in an often unaccepting world.  This workshop is open to all women, making images with any format camera or phone, who wish to embrace themselves through their art.

Participants should bring a portfolio of work they are passionate about and wish to discuss.

All image credit ©Elizabeth Opalenik

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Instructor: Elizabeth Opalenik

Elizabeth Opalenik lives and works in Oakland, California, but this peripatetic artist is often on the move. As a photographic artist, she believes that all good photographs are self-portraits that lie somewhere between imagination and dreams. Her 44-year career has found her teaching or making images on six continents, seeking the beauty and grace that exists within all things, from people to landscape and still livings to abstraction.

Whether digital or darkroom, her point of view has always been “what if?” as she explores the unique world surrounding us all. Using photography as the visual voice for stories left behind, Elizabeth favors the handmade image or papers. She prefers Mordançage with her signature veils of floating emulsion, carbon printing, or creating with water in any fashion.