Take a step off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the shadows of a time gone by.

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Rural areas provide an abundance of beauty hidden from time and observation. Take a step off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the shadows of a time gone by. From old barns standing as sentinels of our rural history to homesteads full of rusting machinery, you are invited to record the past in new and unique ways with the modern convenience of your phone or digital camera.

“Creative Rural Photography” is my method for slowing down my curious mind and savoring the past using modern technology. Throughout the week we will cover:

How to use our phone and point and shoot cameras for capturing rural scenes. Caroline uses a Sony super-zoom, point and shoot. Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are welcome, but editing will focus on mobile platforms: phone or iPad.

We will learn how to break down the shooting process for easy editing later: shooting plates for backgrounds and skies as well as composition and lighting considerations.

How to creatively visualize your image in your mind using the elements you shot.

You will learn how to pair your vision with apps and mobile programs that bring your images to life.

Technology is ever-evolving so we will cover the main themes of editing that can be paired with existing apps and be ready for apps yet to come: exposure and light manipulation, dodging and burning, compositing, using and/or merging layers, texture enhancement, removing unwanted objects, color manipulation, problem-solving techniques, printing considerations, digital painting, day to night transformations, etc.

Discuss the ethics of rural street photography.

You will learn how this sort of work is broadly suitable for print as thoughtful gifts or more formal venues, such as galleries or exhibitions.

All image credit ©Caroline Jensen

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Instructor: Caroline Jensen

Caroline Jensen, a Sony Artisan of Imagery, is an award-winning photographic artist that lives on the wild prairie. A passionate educator and writer, Caroline has been featured in numerous publications including Click Magazine, Dreamer Journal, Digital Photographer, Capture the Moment, Huffington Post, PPD Master Series, Wild and Free Magazine, Feature Shoot, and Sony Alpha Universe. She is also an X-rite Coloratti. You can find her stock images at Offset.