Caroline Jensen, a Sony Artisan of Imagery, is an award-winning photographic artist that lives on the wild prairie. Her passion for storytelling and creating art from the world around her has led her to photograph a wide range of subjects in her signature artistic style. She finds her niche in painterly images with dramatic light and enjoys focusing on one subject, whether that be a barn, person or a flower. Her style, while ornate in processing, strives for a simplicity that guides the viewer’s eye to the heart of the image. 

A passionate educator and writer, Caroline has been featured in numerous publications including Click Magazine, Dreamer Journal, Digital Photographer, Capture the Moment, Huffington Post, PPD Master Series, Wild and Free Magazine, Feature Shoot, and Sony Alpha Universe. She is also an X-rite Coloratti. You can find her stock images at Offset.

While photography is incredibly fulfilling, helping others reach their photography goals remains her primary joy. She has created workshops that push students to know their tools and create images that are authentic representations of their voice and style. Her workshops include: Communicating with Color and Light: Unleash the Creative Power of Lightroom; Visual Voice: Cultivating Authenticity in Imagery; and Wildflowers on the Prairie: An in-person macro workshop on Caroline’s eighty acres of native wildflowers.


All image credit ©Caroline Jensen

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