Learn how to make images with strong compositions that invoke feelings, inspire you, and go deeper than a simple pretty picture.

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Flowers in a vase - By Andrea Birnbaum

Composition in this workshop is very loosely designed and will be different for each participant- starting with learning how to make strong compositions in camera to how to make images that are considered, meaningful and go deeper than a simple pretty picture. You will view photographers who are making work that invokes feelings, makes you think, and inspires you. It is through that inspiration that you will go out and make your own images during the week.

This workshop is for all levels! Assignments will be given each day that are designed to encourage experimentation in both subject matter and approach at each participant’s own pace. There will also be time for students to work on a personal project that they may have started or want to start this week.

All images: ©Andrea Birnbaum

Past student work

Brussels, Belgium • Composition and Craft (Online) with Andrea Birnbaum
Maplewood, NJ, USA • Composition and Craft (Online) with Andrea Birnbaum

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Instructor: Andrea Birnbaum

Photographer and educator Andrea Birnbaum earned her undergraduate degree through Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts, and holds an MFA in Photography from Maine Media College. Her fine art photographs and documentary projects have been exhibited throughout the country and internationally. She teaches photography and mentors students both online and in-person, and leads retreats and workshops internationally. She currently lives in the New York City area.