Refine your cinematic vision and aesthetic with master Director of Photography Steve Yedlin, A.S.C. (Knives Out, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Looper)

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A film director closely collaborates with the director of photography to create a unique and expressive visual look for the story. You will spend the week with master cinematographer Steve Yedlin, A.S.C, who will discuss his work, and share the many challenges and successes he has experienced in achieving the visual solutions that elevate story, character, and theme.

Case study scenes are screened and analyzed.  The theory and motivation behind specific aesthetics, lighting, lens selection, scene coverage, point-of-view, art direction, and camera movement are explored.  There will be demonstrations and discussions. Other topics include the role of color, look books and references, planning for special effects, and how the director and director of photography communicate to achieve the desired result. We will also consider how to balance the imperative to plan with allowing for the spontaneity of discovery on the day. The pace of this theory-based class is less intensive than other workshops, with ample time devoted to discussion of the art and techniques of cinematography, Q&A, and industry trends.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Lucasfilm, 2017
Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Lucasfilm, 2017

An extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of today’s leading cinematographers, and to spend time with other creative professionals during the beauty of autumn on our campus in midcoast Maine. 

Students are asked to submit a résumé upon registration.

Looper - Sony, 2012
Looper – Sony, 2012


“I learned more in one week about film lighting than I did in an entire year of film class in college.” Scott Auerbach, Atlanta, GA

“This is where the great DPs meet and we all learn from the best.” Wei Zhou, Mountain View, CA

“This class changed my perspective about film and brought the impossible closer to reality.” Paul Patton, Wilmington, DE

Knives Out - Lionsgate, 2019
Knives Out – Lionsgate, 2019

Image credits:  Mark Edward Dawson, Aidan Bliss

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Instructor: Steve Yedlin, ASC

Steve Yedlin’s credits include several films with director Rian Johnson: KNIVES OUT, STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII: THE LAST JEDI, LOOPER, BRICK (Sundance Special Grand Jury Prize Winner), and THE BROTHERS BLOOM. Steve’s other cinematography credits include SAN ANDREAS, GIRL MOST LIKELY, DANNY COLLINS, CARRIE, AMERICAN VIOLET, Tobe Hooper’s THE TOOLBOX MURDERS, and THE WITNESS: FROM THE BALCONY OF RM. 306 (HBO, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short).