Refine your cinematic vision and aesthetic with a master Director of Photography

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NOTE: 2020 DATES FOR THIS COURSE HAVE BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19. Many courses have been Moved to an online format. VIEW THOSE OFFERINGS HERE 

A film director relies on the director of photography to create a unique and appropriate visual look for the story. In this theory-based class, you’ll spend the week with an Award-winning cinematographer, who will discuss their work, and share the many challenges and successes they have experienced in achieving those looks. 

There will be screenings, demonstrations, and discussions. Topics covered include the use of lighting design, art direction, scene coverage, and planning for special effects. Scenes from influential mainstream and independent films are screened and analyzed. The theory and motivation behind specific aesthetics, scene coverage, lighting, lens selection, and camera movement are explored.

This is an opportunity to work with, and get to know other creative professionals in an informal setting. The pace is less intensive than in other workshops, with ample time devoted to discussion of careers and industry trends. Students may bring a professional reel to share with the class and receive feedback.

Students are asked to submit a résumé and professional reel upon registration.

In the summer, this workshop is held the same week that a master director will also be teaching on campus, the classes will come together for part of the week so that students can get an intimate view of how a director and director of photography collaborate in preparing and shooting a scene. Throughout the process and after production is wrapped, there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. You’ll explore the dynamics and nuances of scene coverage and point-of-view, the motivation behind camera moves, and how the director and director of photography communicate to achieve the desired result.

In addition to being offered on an individual basis, this workshop is also part of the Cinematography Intensive.


“I learned more in one week about film lighting than I did in an entire year of film class in college.”

– Scott Auerbach, Atlanta, GA

“This is where the great DPs meet and we all learn from the best.”

– Wei Zhou, Mountain View, CA

“This class changed my perspective about film and brought the impossible closer to reality.”

– Paul Patton, Wilmington, DE

Image credits:  Mark Edward Dawson, Aidan Bliss

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Instructor: Igor Martinović (August Session)

An award-winning Director of Photography, Igor’s work spans feature films, episodic television, documentary features, and commercials. A two-time Emmy nominee and winner of an ASC award, his credits include HOUSE OF CARDS (Emmy nomination), HBO’s THE NIGHT OF (ASC award), HBO’s new series THE OUTSIDER, Errol Morris’s Netflix mini-series WORMWOOD, the Oscar-winning documentary feature MAN ON WIRE about tightrope walker Philippe Petit (which also won the BAFTA for Best British Film as well as the Sundance Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award for 2008), KEITH RICHARDS: UNDER THE INFLUENCE, the Oscar-nominated documentary WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE? (for which he was also nominated for an Emmy), WALLANDER, NURSE JACKIE, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S HIGH HOPES, FREELANCERS starring Robert DeNiro, the upcoming feature LOST GIRLS, and Errol Morris’s documentary feature AMERICAN DHARMA.

Igor made his directorial debut in 2020 with an episode of HBO’s THE OUTSIDER.

He has also shot commercials for brands like Porsche, Coach, and E-Trade.