Learn the do's and don’ts for submitting your work for best results.

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Perhaps you’ve been writing for a while and you’re feeling pretty good about the work. Maybe you’re in a writers’ group and getting kudos from your peers. Or, maybe you’ve been attending workshops where you are honing your craft. Now, you want to take the plunge—send some submissions to magazines for publications.

If so, this is the workshop for you! We’ll talk about literary journals, how they differ from other magazines, what editors pay attention to, how to know where to send your work, and the dozens of other details that will help you submit work with greater confidence. You’ll learn how to manage your submissions, do’s and don’ts for dealing with rejection, along with a few do’s and don’ts for dealing with success!

Lunch each day is included. Lodging is available on campus $75/night, private room & bath.

Header Image: Neil Spinner

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Instructor: Margot Anne Kelley

Margot Kelley is the editor-in-chief of the literary journal THE MAINE REVIEW, and a former member of the boards of ORION MAGAZINE and BIG, RED & SHINY. Before immersing herself in contemporary creative writing, she taught writing and literature at the college level for many years.