Explore the alternative process, Cliché Verre, a historical technique that combines elements of photography, printmaking, and drawing.

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Note: This Class will meet in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform.
Class meets 2 Thursday evenings 6-8pm ET.

Cliche Verre 5 - By Marcy Palmer

Guided by Marcy Palmer, explore the alternative process, cliché verre, a historical process that combines elements of photography, printmaking, and drawing. Learn the history of this unusual process that uses light (photography) as well as methods of drawing and printmaking to create final works of art.

Demonstrations on how to create your own cliché verre work by using traditional light-sensitive methods as well as digital methods will be taught. Students will utilize these methods to create their own cliché verre works.

This will be a two-hour Zoom class that meets for two weeks with an assignment between the first and second sessions.

Supply list

  • Glass (4×6 or 8×10) and/or digital transparency sheets 8.5 x11 – $10 – amazon, Dollar Store (photo frames, use the glass), etc.
  • 15-20 sheets of black and white darkroom photo paper, 4×6 or 8×10 (match this size with the glass or transparency) – $20-30 – B&H Photo, etc., or if working digitally, archival inkjet paper 8.5 x11
  • A variety of markers, charcoal, and/or ink – $5-10 – Amazon, art supply, office supply, Dollar Store, etc.
  • A variety of small paint brushes, foam brushes, toothpicks, chopsticks, etc. for mark-making – art supply, Dollar Store, etc.
  • Medium-sized Candle – (any)
  • Access to a scanner, inkjet printer, and/or darkroom may be helpful, however, these works can be achieved with a working camera on a smart device.

Ready to take the next step? Already have experience? We also offer an Advanced Techniques in Leafing and Cliche Verre (Online) workshop. 

Examples of Cliché Verre


Cliche Verre 4 - By Marcy Palmer

Cliche Verre 3 - By Marcy Palmer

Cliche Verre 1 - By Marcy Palmer

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Instructor: Marcy Palmer

Marcy Palmer grew up in the foothill region of the Adirondack Mountains in the historic city, Saratoga Springs, NY.  As a child, she spent time exploring the outdoors which fueled her imagination and play.  

Marcy’s work explores themes of beauty, history, and social justice through the lens of photo history, nature, and science.  She often approaches her work with questions that relate to research and considerations of how the materials in the work can further communicate her ideas. Integrating various approaches to image-making from contemporary to historical practices, Marcy is particularly influenced by the earliest practitioners of photography and the Surrealist and Bauhaus movements.

Marcy has an M.F.A. in Photography & Related Media from the School of Visual Arts and a B.S. in Studio Art from Skidmore College.  Her work has been exhibited at various spaces including The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Center for Photographic Art, The Griffin Museum of Photography, The Ogden Museum of Art, and other spaces.  Her work has been written about in Lenscratch, The Boston Globe Sunday edition, D Magazine, and other publications.  Marcy released a book with Yoffy Press titled “You Are Eternity, You Are the Mirror” which was chosen as a Photo-Eye 2020 favorite photobook, The Luupe’s Favorite Woman-Made Books of the Year, and Deep Red Press’s Favorite Photobooks.  She lives and works in Dallas, TX.