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Del 26 de octubre al 20 de noviembre

NOTE: This intensive will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform. 


Guided by accomplished professionals, immerse yourself in the art and technique of sculpting image and sound for maximum emotional impact in this dynamic intensive. Online. In real time.


Sumérgete en el arte y la técnica de esculpir imagen y sonido para el mayor impacto emocional en este curso virtual intensivo y dinámico, en tiempo real, dirigido por profesionales consumados en este campo.

This four-week intensive takes you deep into the aesthetics, tools, and workflow of editing, sound design, and color grading. Your instructors include professionals who work at the highest levels of film and television. Students leave the intensive with the artistry, skills and knowledge to move their work to the next level.

Este curso intensivo de cuatro semanas te adentrara en la estética, las herramientas y el flujo de trabajo de la edición, el diseño de sonido, y la gradación de color. El grupo de instructores está compuesto de profesionales cuyo trabajo es del más alto nivel en el cine y la televisión. Los estudiantes saldrán del intensivo con las destrezas, el conocimiento y el arte para mover tu trabajo al próximo nivel. 

Please note: These classes will be offered in Spanish.
Tenga en cuenta:  las clases serán ofrecidas en español.


Instructors include:

Martín Hernández

Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-winning sound designer (BIRDMAN, THE REVENANT, AMORES PERROS, PAN’S LABYRINTH, CITY OF GOD, INTO THE WILD). Martín has collaborated with directors such as Alejandro González Iñárritu, Sean Penn, Guillermo Del Toro, Luis Mandoki, and Alfonso Cuarón.

Nominado al Oscar en dos ocasiones y ganador de premios BAFTA por: Birdman, The Revenant, Amores Perros, Pan’s Labyrinth (El laberinto del Fauno) City of Gold, Into the World.  Martin ha colaborado también con directores de la talla de Alejandro González Iñarritu, Sean Penn, Guillermo Del Toro, Luis Mandoki y Alfonso Cuarón.

Luis Zerón

Luis Zerón has edited series for Netflix and HBO, feature films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.  Luis is Lead Editor for the Netflix series OSCURO DESEO.  His other credits include YANKEE, INGOBERNABLE 2, EL CHAPO and SR. ÁVILA.

Luis Zerón ha editado series para Netflix y HBO, así como largometrajes, documentales, videos musicales y comerciales.  Luis es el editor Jefe para la serie de Netflix “Oscuro Deseo”.  Entre sus créditos se incluyen: Yankee, Ingobernable 2, El Chapo y Sr. Ávila.

David Martinez

David Martinez has traveled the world as a cinematographer and colorist. He frequently teaches DaVinci Resolve for Maine Media Workshops. As a media producer, his clients include Universal Music, Warner Music, McKinsey & Company, and Volvo.

David Martínez ha viajado el mundo como cinematógrafo y colorista.  Ensena con frecuencia DaVinci Resolve para Maine Media Workshops.  Como productor en los medios, tiene a su haber clientes como; Universal Music, Warner Music, Volvo y McKinsey & Company.

The Courses:

The Art of Editing/  (October 26-30)
1-day Pro Tools Workshop (November 2)
Creative Sound Design for Film & TV (November 3-6)
DaVinci Resolve (November 9-13)
Editing for Genre (November 16-20)

Workshops may also be taken individually.

El intensivo incluye:

– El Arte de la Edición (26 al 30 de Octubre)
– Taller de un día – Pro Tools (2 de Noviembre)
– Diseño de Sonido Creativo para Cine y Televisión (3 al 6 de Noviembre).
– DaVinci Resolve (9 al 13 de Noviembre).
– Edición de Género (16 al 20 de Noviembre).

Los talleres pueden tomarse individualmente

La industria de video-on-demand está creciendo enormemente, creando una demanda sin precedentes de editores, diseñadores de sonido y coloristas de alto nivel. Hay muchas oportunidades de trabajo para quienes estén preparados. Acompáñanos en este evento especial (gratuito) con tres profesionales de la industria. Regístrate (gratis)



Course Details


Editing workshop

The Art of Editing/El Arte de la Edición - Online | Luis Zerón

This online workshop is for editors, directors, and other filmmakers who want to go beyond software and workflow, and explore the nuances of what makes a cut motivated and compelling. Through case studies, screenings, theory discussions, and analysis of films, led by an accomplished editor, students explore how shot selection, rhythm, and juxtaposition can be used to create emotional impact and advance a story. The workshop examines how good editors approach their footage, develop a process, and ultimately create a unique stylistic identity.

1-Day Pro Tools Workshop En Español / Taller de un día - Pro Tools - Online | Martín Hernández

AVID Pro Tools is groundbreaking software for audio engineers and sound designers. This platform continues to evolve each year and expand its robust capabilities, making it an industry standard for audio post production. This intensive crash-course introduces you to the fundamental principles and concepts of Pro Tools, and brings you the essential skills and knowledge needed to bring a project from initial set-up to final mix-down. This course will lead directly into the Creative Sound Design course.

Creative Sound Design for Film & TV / Diseño de Sonido Creativo para Cine y Television (Online) | Martín Hernández

Explore how artful sound design can take your dramatic experience to a new and thrilling level. Through case studies and experimentation with creating soundscapes, you’ll never listen to sound the same way. Remember the sound of the overhead fan becoming the blades of a helicopter in Apocalypse Now? Or the sound of an elevated train metronomically marking the tension in Michael Corleone’s head as he sat in a restaurant, about to become an assassin, in The Godfather? They were indelible examples of sound used in the service of heightening story and character. Not mere sound effects. And they didn’t happen by accident. They were designed.

Instructor teaching student advanced color grading techniques in DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve (Online) - En Español | David Martinez

This workshop is an introduction to digital color correction and grading using DaVinci Resolve. Utilizing a workshop atmosphere in combination with lectures, demonstrations and projects, students will take their first steps toward a technical understanding of the art and craft of color correction and grading for digital video.

Editing for Genre/Editando de Géneros - Online | Luis Zerón

The feature film and television industries offer a great number of opportunities for editors who are able to work in different genres. Every genre has its own nature, rules and conventions. Knowing them and being able to master them will be of enormous help in an editor’s career. Finish the week with a new perspective about the role of the editor, having learned techniques and strategies for approaching each genre. Enhance your skills and expand your ability to work in a wider variety of series and films.