See what’s special about Super 8 and learn how to process it the natural way.

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NOTE: This Course will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom platform.
Class meets Saturday & Sunday 10am-3pm ET (With Break)

Beyonce, Behind the Scenes of Vogue, shot on Super 8

Are you interested in analog mediums? Do you have an old super 8 camera lying around? Or are you game to buy one for cheap? Return to the roots of filmmaking by learning to both shoot and develop black and white Super 8 film at home. 

Super 8 film has a rich history of being a highly accessible, inexpensive, and popular filmmaking medium. Largely used for home movies and by experimental filmmakers for decades, Super 8 film is still in production and used today by a large variety of filmmakers. As analog technologies continue to make a resurgence, it is no wonder that Super 8 film has stood the test of time. It is still used today for its unique aesthetic in feature-length films by directors such as Jim Jarmusch and Ben Crowe, in high-end commercials, and in music videos such as Daisies by Katy Perry.

This workshop allows for students to approach filmmaking with a DIY, hands-on approach. Using a non-toxic, eco-friendly developing process called Caffenol, students will be guided through the shooting and developing process of two rolls of black and white Super 8 film. Caffenol utilizes easily obtainable ingredients and simple steps that can be done without access to a darkroom, making it a process that can be easily done at home. 

Lykke Li, So Sad So Sexy, shot on Super 8

A list of necessary materials and suggested Super 8 camera models will be provided by the instructor (see the relevant links on this page). Cameras will not be provided, so please have a Super 8 camera that is in working order prepared for the workshop. Models can be found on sites such as eBay, Etsy, Craig’s List, and at local thrift stores. Please note that this workshop requires a Super 8 camera and not a regular 8mm camera. 

Depending on whether participants currently have a Super 8 camera or will need to buy one, expect to incur expenses of $125-150 for this workshop. These expenses include purchase of film, ingredients for processing, and transferring processed film to digital.

Discover the beauty of moving forward by going backward.  See what Super 8 can bring to your work. 



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Instructor: Anna Graham

Anna Graham is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and teacher based out of Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently an Instructor at Suffolk University and a Teaching Assistant at Harvard University, where she works with classes at a variety of skill levels, ranging in subject from traditional documentary filmmaking to 16mm filmmaking, iPhone filmmaking, and film editing. She also actively freelances as a camera operator, editor, producer, and sound recordist, working on films such as Julie Mallozzi’s Circle Up (2017) and Lucia Small’s Girl Talk (work in progress). Anna is currently working on a 16mm film documentary investigating the history of mental illness in the United States by researching and filming its former State Hospitals.