The Golden Hour: Art Sale

Thank you to our artists who contributed to this years fundraiser art sale. This work will be on display for The Golden Hour event on Wednesday June 19th, and will then move to the Maine Media Gallery in Rockport for July.

Starting on July 22, select pieces will be available for bidding in a silent auction. Pieces that are available in the auction are listed with minimum bids below. Interested bidders can contact Julia Raite at the Maine Media Gallery, by email at [email protected], and by phone at 207-236-8281 x 104 

Artists include: Jim Abbott, Cindy Beams, Paul Caponigro, Ardie & J.P. Caponigro, Carol Eisenberg, Jim Graham, Cig Harvey, Sean Kernan, Anna LaBenz, Tara Law, Isobel Lewis, Megan Magill, Lesia Maruschak, Maggie Meiners, Jeannine Mullan, Fern Nessen, Jim Nicholson, Richard Reitz Smith, Larry Smuckler, George Tice 

All artwork details are provided in the caption of each image.

Ardie and JP Caponigro, Greenland, 2018, 14×14″, minimum bid $1000 
Carol Eisenberg,  Untitled, 23×28″, starting bid $450 
Sean Kernan, Trees, Burgundy, 14×20″, starting bid $400
Anna Labenz, Color Uprising, starting bid $450 






Maggie Meiners, Power Breakfast, 17×22″, starting bid $450 
Fern Nessen, E=mc², starting bid $500




Tara Law Whispers from the Earth starting bid $175