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Prepare for a Dynamic Career in Visual Storytelling: PCVS Open House

June 28, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

A program designed to graduate storytellers with the skills, vision and experience needed to build a career in the field of media arts.

Are you an aspiring creative professional in the fields of photo, video, and media arts?

Join our virtual open house to learn more about our Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling (PCVS).

The PCVS program at Maine Media College provides students with a rigorous learning experience. Meet graduates who will showcase their work and discuss its evolution as they progressed through the program

About The Program

The 30-week PCVS program has been designed to provide graduates with the conceptual understanding and practical skills necessary for professional work as content creators, photo editors, video editors, either freelance or for media-based companies, or for professional work as independent artists in order to effectively tell a story – whether it is one of personal expression, documentary journalism, social advocacy, or fictional narrative.

Learn more about the PCVS program at Maine Media College.

The PCVS Experience

What Our Students Think

The Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling program with Maine Media was transformational. Before entering the program, I had a basic sense of how to use the camera but was not confident about how to improve my skills and what direction I wanted to go. Maine Media creates a very collaborative, and community-based space that allows people to put their guard down, and really explore their creative potential. The instructors are working professionals in their respective fields, and you are getting direct guidance from their years of experience being creators. The program is work and will push you, but I am grateful it did because I feel much more confident as a photographer and filmmaker. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to fast-track their visual storytelling skills.

— Dave Backlin, PCVS Graduate

The PCVS program afforded me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the medium of photography with little distraction from the outside world. The faculty is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and nurturing. At the start of my 30 weeks, I felt most comfortable when my camera was in Automatic Mode, but upon completing the program I left with a comprehensive understanding of my camera, a great feel for industry standard editing software, lighting setups, marketing for my business, and a great looking website. All of which have helped me immensely as a freelance working photographer. Maine Media College has given me a ton of confidence to be working in a highly competitive field, and I was able to pursue opportunities shooting for major magazines directly following my completion of the program. With the help of Brenton Hamilton and Elizabeth Greenberg, I was able to hone my vision and craft in a way that wouldn’t have been possible on my own.

— Matt Crosby, PCVS Graduate


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