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Leading a More Creative Life with David H. Lyman

September 20, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join the founder of The Maine Photographic Workshops (now Maine Media) for a version of his inspirational Monday Morning Creativity lecture.

We are all creative, but some people are more creative than others. Who are the really creative people? How can you tell how creative you are, and what can you do to be more creative?

David has been researching, writing and lecturing about creativity and the creative process, for more than 40 years. His Monday Morning Creativity lecture during the 35 years he was The Workshops’ director has inspired tens of thousands of career professionals. The Workshops provided a unique laboratory for this research and the discoveries he made. But, it has been his own career as a creative storyteller and entrepreneur that provided insights into the struggle all creative people face. This has led him to develop techniques and breakthrough exercises that can help us all become more creative as we overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of getting our ideas realized.

Header image: David’s Creative Process, a road map to how dreams and ideas are made real.

David H. Lyman has led a creative life since he can remember. He was the stage manager for a summer theater while in high school, hosted and produced radio shows in his teens and twenties. Was the Ringmaster on Bozo the kid’s tv show, built a folk music center on Martha’s Vineyard at 23, served in Vietnam as a Navy photojournalist in 1967. He has founded and directed numerous music and art festivals, edited and published magazines and newspapers.

In 1973, at 32, he founded and for the next 35 years, built The Maine Photographic Workshops into an international conservatory for the world’s storytellers and image-makers. In 1996, The Workshops added Rockport College as a graduate school. David established workshop centers in Europe, Mexico, Cuba, Africa and California. In 2007, he turned the schools he created over to a non-profit, Maine Media, and took his young family sailing to the Caribbean on Searcher, the family’s Bowman 57 foot ketch. Back now in Camden, David has authored three books, and continues to write stories for the sailing magazines. He is now working on a series of memoirs dealing with his creative life in the arts, media and ocean adventures.

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