For centuries, portraits and stories that reveal our humanity have been a source of fascination for artists working in all forms of media - especially photography, video and writing. These visual and written stories can depict the inner spirit revealed in a face, the human condition found in an interaction, a short cinematic profile that reveals the essence of someone’s life, or a story that brings a fictional or historical persona to life. No matter what the genre, success is often found in the interaction between the maker and the subject.

This contest is an opportunity for our international community of photographers, filmmakers and writers of all ages to present their representations of Character: Portraits and Stories That Reveal the Human Condition to a distinguished panel of judges.


To submit your work and for complete rules and directions click the links below:







A total of over $13,000 in prizes (including cash, merchandise and workshop tuitions) will be awarded to Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners in categories including photo, video and writing.



David Brommer, Photographer; Director B&H Photo Event Space | Emily Schiffer, Award-Winning Documentary Photographer | David Turner, Internationally Renowned Fashion Photographer | Joe Grifasi, Film, TV and Stage Actor; Teacher; Director | Alan Myerson, Emmy-nominated TV Series and Movie Director | Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, Award-Winning Poet; Educator | Michael Steere, Editorial Director, Down East Books