Who is your muse and what does poetry really mean to you? Why do you write poems and how can you find the satisfaction and joy that keeps you writing?

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Taking a look at a range of poetic themes and forms can help us discover our own personal affinities, so in this workshop we will explore some of poetry’s many voices and faces by reading, reciting and discussing a variety of examples, but this workshop is not about learning how to write poems like someone else or trying to measure up to someone else’s criteria of worth or relevance. It is about sampling the wondrous variety of poetry others have written and experimenting to create the unique poet we each are. Additional activities will include prompts, automatic writing exercises, group poems and assignments with different poetic forms such as haiku, ballad and ekphrasis. The instructor will be available for individual consultations.

Given the exploratory, supportive and hands-on nature of this workshop, it is suitable for anyone newly stepping into the world of poetry as well as anyone desirous of opening new doors and envisioning fresh possibilities as they continue to write and evolve.

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Instructor: Janet Gold

Janet N. Gold, Emeritus Professor of Latin American literature and culture, University of New Hampshire, is the author of several books and essays on the literature of Central America, including…