Investigate light and color from a personal point of view.

Jul 7, 2019 - Jul 13, 2019

Levels: Advanced, Master,
Workshop Fee: $1795
Class Size: 12

This renowned workshop is designed for both amateur and professional photographers who wish to strengthen their ability to see and work in color.

Through daily shooting assignments, critiques and discussions, participants acquire techniques to become more sensitive to light and its effects on color, composition, texture, pattern and design. While covering the use and quality of natural and artificial light, the main focus is on investigating color from a personal point of view. Arthur guides and inspires participants to help refine an individual style for creative fulfillment.

Image Credit: Arthur Meyerson

The workshop begins with a review of each participant’s images and a discussion of personal goals. In addition to addressing the aesthetics of color photography, Arthur leads group critiques and spends time with each participant addressing their photography. Daily assignments put classroom techniques into practice and take advantage of the stunning light and color of coastal Maine. Participants leave at the end of the week with a greater awareness of their strengths and an enhanced sensitivity to light and color.

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop for image processing and editing since this is not based in a digital lab classroom. Transportation is encouraged.

Image Credit: Arthur Meyerson

“Arthur Meyerson is gifted both as a photographer and as a teacher who addresses each student’s individual needs and progress in photography. He really cares about the class.” -June Eichbaum, Westport, CT

“The Color of Light is a fun yet challenging course. Arthur really helped me stretch myself creatively.” -Jeremy Harrison, Southborough, MA

“The Meyerson Plan means everything works out well; even the weather!” -Susan Bloom, New York, NY




Past student work (left to right): Wayne Thornbrough, Laura Pistick, Martin Block, Susan Michael

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Instructor: Arthur Meyerson

Arthur Meyerson is an award-winning photographer and a highly sought after workshop instructor. Arthur travels throughout the world photographing for advertising, corporate, and editorial clients. A three-time winner of Adweek’s “Southwest Photographer of the Year” award, he is on Communication World’s list of top 10 corporate photographers, and was named one of the 30 best advertising photographers by American Photo. Arthur is also a member of Nikon’s exclusive “Legends Behind the Lens.”