Join an Emmy-winning Producer and Director for two days of cracking the code of documentary producing.

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Note: This Course will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom platform.
Class meets Saturday & Sunday, Nov 11-12 from 1:30pm-4:30pm ET.

On set with a woman being interviewed at Maine Media

“Documentary producing is a fine art but an inexact science.”

The “to-do” list for a documentary producer is a long one. Every one of those tasks is critical and serves as the backbone of the production. Being prepared for what’s in front of your production team can frequently be the difference between creating a successful film and a failure to launch.

In this two-day workshop, Nina Gilden Seavey, an accomplished Emmy-winning veteran of the non-fiction world, will provide you with a “How To” guide to prepare your documentary film for the demands of a competitive marketplace.

Topics we’ll cover

  • Budgeting
  • Project Pitching
  • Fundraising and Financing
  • Production Management
  • Permissions and clearances
  • Intellectual Property and Fair Use
  • Insurance and securing your production
  • Distribution

This workshop will cover all the key elements to assure that your benchmarks for documentary production and post-production are clarified – from the moment you have a film idea to the moment you deliver your final work to a distributor.

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Instructor: Nina Gilden Seavey

Nina Gilden Seavey is an Emmy Award-winning documentarian with a 30-year career in the non-fiction world. Her media projects can be seen in theaters, on television,  in ancillary media, in museum exhibitions, and heard in podcasts across the globe.  She is also author of numerous articles, books, and essays on a wide-range of topics. Seavey is the President of Seavey Media.