Embrace serendipity and enjoy the art of wandering as you connect more intimately with nature.

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In travel photography, we must be prepared for the many situations that we will encounter, most of them unexpected. Recording a memory is important, but a great photographer must seek further.  Pursuing the creative and technical limits to achieve an artistic image is crucial. 

Taking a good photograph requires two fundamental steps, the first one is having a focused mind being able to release all our creative power, here is when mindfulness plays an important role. Next comes a second step in which the camera, like a musical instrument, plays the melody that we have in our mind.  This is why having technical knowledge is important. Moreover, I believe that lacking this knowledge is the main source of frustration among beginners.

The “Art & Craft of Travel Photography” workshop, will allow you to acquire the tools and skills needed to expand your photographic boundaries and free your creativity. 

In this weeklong introductory travel photography course, we will explore our emotional connection to a place through the theory and practice of seeing and capturing the iconic Maine landscapes and cityscapes around us. While learning is a lifelong process, the goal of this course is to take your photography to the next level and inspire an insatiable passion    for capturing the essence of a place.

Photography is like a tripod and learning to capture a great photograph depends on three solid legs–creativity, technical knowledge and practice–to improve our photographic experience.

Combining classroom instruction and time spent out in the field, Ossian will focus on teaching his “tripod” method and share with  you the essential skills and photographic techniques. He will teach you to get-off-auto and help you feel more comfortable and confident with your camera and its settings. He will show you how to get your mind in tune, guide your technical fluency and then help you take all that you’ve learned into the field for hours of practice in the lovely seascapes around Rockport, Maine.

Ossian’s workshop will focus on three key areas of the landscape photography experience:

  1. Perception and Imaging: When you look at a place, what do you see and feel?  What do you want your audience to see and feel?
  2. Composition: What are the basic proven compositional guidelines for creating winning photographs. Much like the classic rules of painting or creative writing, what is the visual “grammar” that a photographer must learn to better compose what he desires and to do so with better clarity.
  3. Capturing Light: Waiting, Chasing and Helping. What types of light can travel photographers anticipate and wait for? How to work with transient and serendipitous light that travel photographers have to work quickly to exploit. Finally, how can travel photographers utilize their the lighting situation in the field and in post-production? What skills and techniques for enhancing, reducing or controlling light can the photographers use.

Here are some of the topics that this introductory nature photography course will cover:

  • The correct exposure
  • Control of Depth of Field
  • The attractive composition
  • Focal length, getting the best out of of each lens

Ossian, a passionate traveler, masterful teacher, naturalist and nature photographer, will ignite your visual wisdom and inspire you to joyfully and mindfully learn about and connect with nature. Each day he will teach you valuable technical lessons, engage you fully in daily critiques and mind-provoking one-on-one meetings.

Join Ossian in this inspiring week-long workshop where you will sharpen your visual sensibilities as you learn photographic skills and to be a more mindful traveler whose senses are fully connected to a place.




“Ossian Lindholm’s instruction, his positive feedback, skill, passion and knowledge were fantastic and I could see my photos progress daily. The outcome of my learning was far beyond my expectations. He is a delight to work with, he is a wonderful personality, his knowledge is broad and deep and I look forward to taking another workshop with Ossian in the near future.” -Darrin Fund

“This was an amazing workshop. Ossian is an incredible teacher. He is so passionate about photography and just wants to transmit everything he knows to his students. He cares about the conservation and the environment, not just getting the photo…I am going to tell everyone about this workshop.”   -Felicity Arengo, NYC

All Image Credit © Ossian Lindholm



Past student work (left to right): Doris Leverett, Mary Brevard, Jose Soriano, Kyle Santheson

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Instructor: Ossian Lindholm

Ossian Lindholm is a renowned nature photographer from Tucuman, Argentina. For the past four years he has been the host of a very popular weekly nature TV documentary called Travesia Fotograficas. In each Travesia show he hopes to educate and inspire people to love, protect and keep sacred the places where they live using use images, words and music to touch peoples’ emotional core. His simple desire has been to share his love and concern for nature. Through photography, teaching and filmmaking he aspires to teach students that nature is sacred and our relationship to our earth is a symbiotic one. As a nature photographer he has clarified his mission in one sentence: Para Conservar, primero hay que Conocer….”To conserve, first you must know.”