In this immersive hands-on workshop, Book Artist Anna Low will guide you through what the accordion book form has to offer, culminating in your own work of art.

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The Accordion as Elevated Art (header) By Anna Low

In this immersive on-campus workshop with Maine Book Artist Anna Low, over a week you will explore all of what this book form has to offer, including pocketed books, the panorama book, the star fold, and an introduction to the paper slipcase to contain the forms. The focus will be on both the accordion book form, but also marry the content as an artist’s book. 

Accordion book art - By Anna Low

This is the elevated, haute couture part – raising a simple structure to an elegant art form by re-envisioning the folding possibilities and creating custom surfaces and content with the use of gel plate printing, sticky foam stamping, and simple cyanotypes. 

There will be time for studio work to develop ideas and make finished books with content by the end of the week.

Accordion book art - By Anna Low

All images by Anna Low.

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Instructor: Anna Low

Anna Low runs Purplebean Bindery and it was born out of necessity. While in college she took a book binding class, became fascinated with the book form and couldn’t stop. Her shelves sag with stacks of hand-bound books so it seemed logical to begin selling them to make room for more and fund her book making habit. There are hundreds of ways to bind a book and she loves experimenting with new styles. Her favorite bindings, include the buttonhole stitch, coptic binding, and accordion books. You’ll rarely find her making the same book twice also; there are too many beautiful papers and fabrics out there to be bound together. Every book she makes, whether it be blank or an artist's book, she thinks of it as a marriage of form and function and loves the intimacy and interaction of the book form too. Leaf through, unfold, or unroll one of her artist books and you’re actively discovering and participating in the art. Anna loves the idea that every blank book made is a collaborative art project between her and whoever ends up filling the pages.