Explore the creative possibilities of location shoots through a variety of unique lighting setups

Aug 23, 2021 - Aug 27, 2021

Levels: Intermediate, Advanced,
Workshop Fee: $1,575
Class Size: 16

Bringing a film shoot into a real-world setting has many advantages, especially for independent productions that may not have the resources to always use large studio sets. Learn to address the technical and creative challenges, and take advantage of the benefits and possibilities of shooting on location.

This hands-on workshop is for gaffers, cinematographers, G&E department, and video professionals who wish to learn on-set and location lighting practices and techniques, as used in industry production, and gain valuable experience creating a wide variety of unique lighting setups.

Following lectures, demos, and theory discussions, students work with LED, HMI, tungsten, and fluorescent lighting fixtures to create narrative scenes in a series of locations. They practice shooting both day and night, interior and exterior, and explore the many ways to use grip equipment to supplement, shape, balance, diffuse, color, and control artificial and available light. 

Students work hands-on with the latest technology in industry lighting gear. Safe handling of electrical distribution is taught and emphasized.

Behind the Scenes:



Image credits:  Christian Randolph, Seth MacMillan

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Instructor: David Martinez

David Martinez is a producer and cinematographer known for his cinematic approach to visual storytelling. David has traveled the world as a cinematographer and colorist. His immersion in film productions, both in the camera department as well as the post-production department, has given him a great perspective on the relationship between the creative and technical aspects of visual storytelling. As a media producer, his clients include The New York Times, Universal Music, Warner Music, McKinsey & Company, and Volvo.

Instructor: Alex Burnett

Alex Burnett is a New England-based filmmaker and editor who has worked within the worlds of narrative fiction, documentary, experimental cinema, and virtual reality. Having worked as an editor for National Geographic, the NFL, Colgate University, Vitec Group, and Schiempflüg NYC, he has experience with a vast range of companies and artists. His passion lies in creatively tackling the many challenges that come with telling stories through film.