Get guidance and direction on your script from an accomplished screenwriter

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This is a two week course. Students may opt to attend the first week only.  REGISTER FOR WEEK 1 HERE.

NOTE: This class will be held online using the Zoom platform. 
Class meets daily starting at 10am EDT

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This script lab is for writers who have a script in progress and are seeking guidance and direction from an accomplished screenwriter.  The lab is equally relevant for those writing a feature-length screenplay or an episodic television script. A project may be at any stage of evolution (concept, outline, first draft or rewrite).  

Days will be divided between time together as a group and time afforded to each writer to work on their script. Class time will accommodate lectures on the dynamics of screenwriting and discussion of student scripts. One-on-one sessions between the instructor and each student take place throughout the lab.  

The workshop will examine each script with regard to concept, story structure, character development, plot, theme, and dialogue.  Students discuss suggestions for rewrites, alternative approaches, and explore solutions to the problems posed by each script. Participants learn to look critically at their writing with special attention to the importance of economy in writing, visual storytelling, and how to heighten the emotional stakes of story and character.

The workshop also surveys the practical realities of the film industry in terms of getting material read and sold, finding an agent, deal-making options, and how the industry works.  By the end of the two weeks, each script has been reviewed and reconstructed with a ‘battle plan’ on how to take the script to the next level.

Participants must have a screenplay in progress.

Please note: Participants might incur streaming rental costs of $10-20 to watch assigned films at home.

While this is a two-week program, participants may also register for the first week only.

In addition to being offered on an individual basis, this workshop is offered as part of the Four Week Screenwriting Intensive.

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Instructor: Jule Selbo

Jule Selbo has transplanted from California to Portland, Maine. Her screenwriting credits (spanning over two decades) in film and television include George Lucas’ Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, HBO’s Women Behind Bars, George Romero’s Tales from the Darkside and Monsters, Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame Part Deux and Cinderella II, Aaron Spelling’s Melrose Place, Fox’s Space Above and Beyond, the television series Hercules produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, Hard Promises starring Sissy Spacek and more. She has worked as a screenwriter, screenwriter/producer in live action and animation, feature length work and shorts. She recently completed (summer 2019) a production rewrite on a feature film focused on the work of Nikolai Tesla. Jule loves talking story and her books Screenplay: Building Story Through Character and Film Genre for the Screenwriters (Routledge Publishing) are used in many universities and film schools. She is also a playwright and novelist - and believes it all comes down to characters and story.