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Class meets for Two Consecutive Thursdays Sep 24th + Oct 1st, 6-8pm EDT
NOTE: This class will be held in an online format using the Zoom Platform

Using inexpensive materials and a few key tools you will learn how to think about reduction block printing. Then, during the week, you will design and print at least two reduction blocks with an edition size of 6 prints or more for each design. The second class will introduce you to a myriad of design possibilities for a multi paneled vertical accordion banner book.

All levels welcome. 2 hours for each Zoom class with a short break.

Suggested Supplies:

(Included are some online item #’s and some suppliers in the event it is difficult to shop locally)

  • X-acto knife with blades
  • dull knife, like a steak knife (something you have in a kitchen drawer)
  • Metal ruler 18” minimum
  • Cutting surface, self-healing mats are good
  • Bone folder
  • Scissors
  • Small bottle of Elmer’s white Glue-All (usually available at grocery stores)
  • Waste paper- like a few brown bags or newsprint
  • ½” –flat bristle paint brush for glue (something inexpensive from a hardware store would work)
  • Acrylic paints -a few colors, inexpensive is fine- Red-Yellow-Blue- Black minimum, however if you have lots of colors on hand that is fine too). OR Golden brand Open Acrylics is a more expensive slow drying paint- you wouldn’t need the OPEN medium if you are using the OPEN paint.
  • Acrylic OPEN medium (Dick Blick A02013-4005) This allows you to print with the acrylic paints
  • Clothespins come in handy
  • 1 single sheets of Canson Mi-Tientes (Dick Blick A10710- and then choose a color)
  • 2 sheets of Masa (Dick Blick A10409-1003) this is a Japanese paper and/or 2 Reeves lightweight BFK (Dick Blick A10419-1011)
  • Soft Cut Printing Block (Dick Blick A40401-1006   12×18”) (one block)
  • Lino cut (Dick Blick Speedball Lino Set #1 A40203-1009 this is a handle with 5 blades)
  • Wooden Spoon or Barren (Dick Blick Barren A42910-1004) A wooden spoon works fine.
  • Speedball soft rubber Brayer 4” or 6” or larger (Dick Blick 6” Brayer A40104-1006)
  • One Foam Core Board from a local dollar store (They are open.) It needs to be this cheap foam core, preferably white, not black. It has to be dollar store foam core
  • Piece of Plexiglas at least 9×12, 2 would be best, or larger (however one will work)

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Instructor: Rebecca Goodale

Rebecca Goodale has been creating a series of artist’s books about Maine’s rare plants and animals for the past twenty years and occasionally she is distracted by more common species like the spiders and birds in her own backyard. Rebecca is also known for her many collaborative book projects and installations with other artists. She teaches Book Arts and Design at the University of Southern Maine. Her work is in many collections including the Maine Women Writers Collection; Bowdoin College; Herron Art Library; and the Library of Congress.