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Note: This Class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom Platform
Class meets 10am-1pm ET for three sessions  (Apr 12, Apr 15, Apr 21)

This is a workshop in reading what you’ve written out loud. Reading to yourself alone in your writing space or to a room full of people, the process is a revelation. It can really open up the writing itself and your presentation of it.

At the first meeting we will consider writing as a script with a performance aspect, and we’ll listen to recorded readings by some great writers to see what they’ve done and what we can learn. We’ll look at the expressed meaning, the subtext of the pieces, and the sonic possibilities. (For example, here’s Siobhan McKenna as Molly Bloom)

After we’ve tuned up our listening, people will read the writings that they’ll first work with, a piece of their own and one that I’ll assign to each person. We’ll record a cold reading, then play it back and see what they sound like.

Over the next week we’ll have mostly one-on-one sessions, working to come up with a full and detailed understanding of the words, changing them if necessary, then readying for a reading, with me functioning as a director.

After that we will meet again as a class. People will read their assignments and the rest of the class can respond. Again, we’ll record.

Then people will choose another piece of writing to work with on their own. I’ll meet one on one with each person for a once-over. At a final class meeting people will read aloud and discuss what we’ve done and what we’ve learned.

The idea is to develop a tool that can make you a better writer and a better reader, whether to yourself or to others.

Class meets 10am – 1pm EST on April 12, 15 and 21.

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Instructor: Sean Kernan

Sean Kernan published his first poem when he was 16, and he decided that if it was that easy he’d just go ahead and be a writer. Then he somehow deflected into theater and photography. But he always maintained some kind of writing practice throughout. In college he worked as a reporter for the New Haven Register and a bureau assistant for the New York Times. Later he produced a series of articles and interviews on photography and a number of columns on the problems of creativity in the workplace for Communication Arts Magazine. He also became a pioneering teacher well known for investigating creativity in various disciplines, and based on this work he authored Looking Into the Light. He has published two monographs of photographs, The Secret Books (with Jorge Luis Borges) and Among Trees, (introduction by Anthony Doerr), and has produced a film, Crow Stories, about life on the Crow Reservation. He has taught and lectured at Parsons School of Design, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Maine Media Workshops and Santa Fe Workshops, University of Texas, and Yale Medical School. He has exhibited internationally and won numerous awards, including Center’s 2010 Teacher of the Year and an honorary doctorate from Art Center College of Design.