Discover the timeless beauty of Platinum/Palladium printing, turning your photographs into printed masterpieces in this hands-on workshop led by Tillman Crane.

Jun 24, 2024 - Jun 28, 2024

Levels: Intermediate, Advanced,
Workshop Fee: $1895
Workshop Duration: 1-week (Monday-Friday)
Workshop Location: On-campus
Class Size: 8

Fireworks (Milkweed Pod 1), ME, 2020 - By Tillman Crane
Fireworks (Milkweed Pod 1), ME, 2020 – By Tillman Crane

If this is the first time you will make a platinum print, this workshop will give you the knowledge and experience you need to make them in your own darkroom. The more experienced platinum printer can use this workshop to build on your skillset and help solve problem printing issues. This workshop is not appropriate for someone wishing to make final prints for an exhibition.

We will work with the Traditional Platinum/Palladium Printing Process but discuss Palladium only and the NA2 Process. Additional topics to be covered include paper choices, image color, contrast controls, different coating methods, use of step wedges, and masking techniques. If there is time and interest I will demonstrate making different developers, and mixing sensitizers and solutions from dry chemicals.

Taking a Bow (Lisianthus I), ME, 2020 - By Tillman Crane
Taking a Bow (Lisianthus I), ME, 2020 – By Tillman Crane

You must be able to use a color management system (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are preferred), to edit your work and export files to a printer and/or a thumb drive.

We will use Photoshop to make the negatives. Students should bring plenty of digital files of images they wish to print as a Tiff or DNG at least 360 dpi at the desired print size.

If you are using a program like Capture One, you will have to export your files to a thumb drive and work on a workshop iMac using Photoshop to make negatives.

We will have several Epson printers available in the classroom. You will create and print your negatives using my standard curve for Epson printers. The curves we will be using are for Photoshop only.

The largest suggested print size is 8×10 tiff at 360 dpi. I do not recommend making prints larger than 8×10 when learning the process. Platinum/Palladium printing is expensive, but with adequately made negatives, one can make approximately fifteen (15) 8×10 prints with the required kit. This keeps the cost to about $40 a print.

During the week, you can expect to spend most of your time making prints. I will give a lecture each day, adding further information or techniques that build on the previous day’s work. However, there may be opportunities to make new images at some point during the workshop so bring your cameras and laptop computer.

Dahlia I - By Tillman Crane
Dahlia I – By Tillman Crane

Course Schedule

Monday Morning: Introduction to the darkroom. Workflow from capture to final print.

Monday Afternoon: Make the first negatives and begin printing

Tuesday Morning: Image color based on PT/PD proportions/continue printing

Tuesday Afternoon: Using different papers

Wednesday Morning: Making your developers

Wednesday Afternoon: Printing with different developers

Thursday: Working on final prints

Friday Afternoon: Clean up lab; Lecture & demo on making your curves

I have arranged with Bostick and Sullivan to have a special kit put together for this class. Everyone will be using the same supplies.

Required supplies

The Bostick and Sullivan Platinum Palladium Kit for this workshop include:

  • 35 ml Traditional Platinum & Palladium Combo Kit 
  • 11×15″ Heavy Arches Platine 310 gsm 25 sheets 
  • 2 inch Langnickel Brush 

You must call Bostick and Sullivan at (505) 474-0890 and ask for the Tillman Crane Platinum Palladium Kit for the Maine Media Workshop Class, Jun 24-28, 2024.

The approximate cost for these essential materials is $600 (Equates to approximately 15 prints). You must have your materials ready to begin the class on Monday morning. You will not be allowed in the course if you do not have your supplies. It is suggested you order your kits no later than two weeks before the class is scheduled to begin. 

All my prints are platinum/palladium prints and have been for over 30 years. I love the look and feel of the finished print and continue to love working with the process. I hope that you discover an affinity for this beautiful process too.

Tillman Crane.

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Instructor: Tillman Crane

Tillman Crane’s distinctive platinum photographs combine 19th century materials with a 21st century aesthetic.  From photojournalist to teacher and artist he has honed his technique and mastered his craft over the past 35 years. He made his first platinum print in 1987 and since 2001 his work has been exclusively shown as platinum prints. He works with 5x7, 8x10 and 5x12 view cameras.Today’s images focus on the unique sense of place he finds in the ordinary, everyday locations where he lives and teaches. He has published four limited edition books: Tillman Crane/Structure (2001), Touchstones (2005), Odin Stone(2008), and A Walk Along the Jordan (2009). For the discriminating collector, Tillman collaborates using images of your choice to create one-of-a-kind handmade books of platinum prints.