Learn what it takes to work as a photojournalist.

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Photographing the world around us often involves a myriad of professional and personal challenges—but those can teach us to be better photographers. This course addresses those challenges and helps students navigate them to great successes.

Whether working in one’s own neighborhoods or overseas, whether photographing with your iPhone, DSLR or mirrorless camera, Haviv helps participants strengthen their imagery by focusing on developing one’s personal visual voice through a combination of portfolio reviews, assignments, and editing sessions.

Students will work on chosen or assigned stories throughout the week to establish and improve their visual voice and journalism. Editing sessions will be done one-on-one with Ron, as well as with the class for group critique. Lectures will occur throughout the week, with in-depth discussions on logistics, marketing, and the business of photojournalism.

If you are just starting out, this course will help you create a strong foundation for whatever your next steps will be, and for those further along, Ron will push you to the next level so your work can have true impact.

All image credit ©Ron Haviv


“Not every great photographer is a great teacher. The class was engaging, and in many times educational in a very entertaining way. It’s not common to find education fun! But here I was, in the midst of Palm Springs, sitting among inspirational photographers, and having Ron explain why each image was good and how it could be better during class. And he also pushed each student to work on their weaknesses during the one-on-one. It’s something we all need. An encouragement with good guidance. Thank you Ron!”
-Tasneem Alsultan, Freelancer

“Encouraging my strengths and pointing out where I needed improvement, Ron’s guidance and insight was invaluable.”
-Alex Potter, Freelance

“The workshop was an integral step as I tried to become a professional photographer. Learning about Ron’s inspiring path through photography, while also shooting a small project with his careful guidance, made for for a truly intense but rewarding week! A great photographer who also has the intangible ability to teach young students.”
-Ivor Prickett, Panos Pictures

Past student work (left to right): Elise Klysa, Bob Glick, Sue Dorfman, Kent Fairfield

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Instructor: Ron Haviv

Ron Haviv is an Emmy nominated and award-winning photojournalist and co-founder of the photo agency VII, dedicated to documenting conflict and raising awareness about human rights issues around the globe. Haviv has produced an unflinching record of the injustices of war and his photography has had singular impact. His work in the Balkans, which spanned over a decade of conflict, was used as evidence to indict and convict war criminals at the international tribunal in The Hague. President George H.W. Bush cited Haviv’s chilling photographs documenting paramilitary violence in Panama as one of the reasons for the 1989 American intervention. His first photography book, Blood and Honey: A Balkan War Journal, was called “One of the best non-fiction books of the year,” by The Los Angeles Times and “A chilling but vastly important record of a people’s suffering,” by Newsweek. His other
monographs are Afghanistan: The Road to Kabul, Haiti: 12 January 2010 and The Lost Rolls. Haviv is the co-founder and director of the VII Foundation. He is currently co-directing two documentary films, Biography of a Photo and Picasso of Harlem.