Spend the weekend delving into the rich history of film noir

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Film noir is at once a genre, a style, and a worldview.  View and discuss classic and recent examples of this fascinating cinematic form.  

We will examine the roots of noir in American crime fiction and German Expressionist filmmaking, the birth of classic noir in the 40s and 50s, and the development of neo-noir from the 70s to today.  Intended for students interested in exploring this fascinating form’s visual vocabulary, themes, and influence on world cinema.

The popcorn’s on us!

Lunch each day is included. Lodging is available on campus $75/night, private room & bath.

Header Image: Nina Poole

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Instructor: Kenneth James

Kenneth James (M.F.A., Ph.D.) has worked in nonfiction television as a screenwriter, producer, director, and editor.  At Maine Media and elsewhere, James has taught courses in the histories of narrative film, documentary, animation, and film noir, as well as screenwriting, directing, animation, pre-production, and more.