Tell bigger stories than those which fit into a single frame. Integrate the tools of other visual and narrative mediums to build your portfolio.

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NOTE: This Course will be Held in an Online Format using the Zoom Platform.
Class will meet Saturdays 12:30-3:30pm ET for four weeks

Storytelling, like gossip, or opposable thumbs, is part of what makes us human. We are all storytellers. This workshop is for photographers of any ability or discipline, who are interested in pushing the boundaries of their practice and experimenting with new ways to tell bigger stories. Integrating the tools of other visual and narrative mediums, such as literature, cinema, and theatre, students are encouraged to bring existing portfolios or build new ones in this multi-week workshop.

Madeleine Morlet, an award winning photographer based in Maine, will lead students through a reflective and in-depth exploration of storytelling. Students will participate in lectures, assignments, and critique, examining approaches to narrative photography, our current cultural climate, and why we tell stories. Additionally students will study how audiences interpret visual prompts, and ways to execute their ideas using devices such as cinematic expression, composition, art direction, MacGuffin’s, and sequencing within their own photography.

Designed to inspire students to find their most authentic voice, this workshop approaches storytelling in linear, abstract, personal, documentary and any other form which best suits their personal vision. Paired with comprehensive fieldwork, students will translate the ideas of the classroom in practical terms. Complete tailored camera exercises, test ideas, and execute their story for both one-on-one and group critique. This detailed approach asks students to bring greater depth into their image making, whatever stage they are at.

Reflective and practical this workshop has storytelling at its core. Where we might experience a collective visual fatigue, the cinematic storyteller approaches narrative photography as a remedy. We are designed to find stories, and this workshop is about finding your own way to storytelling. Through experimentation, risk taking, and play, students will elevate the quality of their work and compose images with stopping power. Leaving the workshop equipped with creative and technical skills to build upon existing portfolios, launch their future direction, and make competition worthy images.

All images: ©Madeleine Morlet

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Instructor: Madeleine Morlet

Madeleine Morlet is an award-winning photographer from London. She received her BA in Classics with English from King’s College London. For almost a decade, Madeleine worked in video production for companies such as Ridley Scott Associates, Vice, i-D and Somesuch. Her photography is cinematic, dark and deeply romantic. It has been recognized by the Lucie Foundation, Pollux Awards, and Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, exhibiting internationally. Madeleine is the Features Editor for Teeth Magazine.