Guided by Konrad Eek, gain a deep understanding of how to photograph products by manipulating light and compositions to best capture the nature and purpose of objects.

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We are constantly exposed to photographs of things, from the weekly grocery ad to billboards, product photographs in magazines, and so on. All of these images are carefully lit in order to best express the object. In this week-long class, students will gain a deep understanding of how to manipulate light in order to best capture the nature of objects. Natural light, hand-held strobes, continuous lighting, and studio strobes will all be used to create light in both studio and outdoor locations. Transparent and reflective objects are especially difficult to light well, so we’ll dig deep into specialized tools that can be used to tackle these challenging subjects. We will create still life settings in order to hone compositional skills, and learn techniques to help the photograph explain the purpose of the object.

Appetizers - By Konrad Eek

We will work our way forward from using a single light source to balancing multiple light sources in order to achieve great results for product photography aimed at either web or print media. We will also briefly delve into the specific delivery requirements of different media, i.e. file size, file type, etc. as well as a few post-production tips. Finally, students will learn ways to create light manipulation tools to use back home without spending a fortune.

Course requirements

Students must bring a laptop computer and an external hard drive.

Lighting for Product Photography examples - By Konrad Eek

Lighting for Product Photography examples 2 - By Konrad Eek

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Instructor: Konrad Eek

Konrad Eek is an educator and the founder of Maxwell Eek Photography, a commercial photography studio. Principle photographer Konrad Eek started his career in Dallas after earning a BFA in photography from the University of Oklahoma. After several years of freelance work, Eek was named studio manager at Steven Michael Studios in Dallas. Eek left Dallas in 1995 to take a position as director of photography at PGI L.L.C. in Oklahoma City. Eek left PGI in 1999 to establish Maxwell Eek Photography, a full service commercial photography studio in Norman, Oklahoma. In addition to the studio operation, Eek has a long-term commitment to arts education. While an adjunct professor at Oklahoma City Community College, Eek taught advanced photography classes in the Graphic Communications department. He has also worked with the internationally recognized Oklahoma Arts Institute for 30 years as an instructor, and has served on both their Visual Arts Advisory Panel, and Board of Directors.