Get professional results from your phone’s camera.

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This seminar will focus on the use of a mobile phone in taking photos, video, notes, sketches and audio recordings during a documentary project. Michael will use his book Libyan Sugar, which contains photographs made solely with a phone camera, as well as accompanying video/audio installations to guide students in creating projects that allow for maximum project immersion, allowing a photographer to focus solely on the subject without the limitations of equipment and technique. This course is taught in a seminar format, with both participants and Michael in an equally weighted extended discussion as to the practical use and possibilities of the mobile phone during reportage. Participants are thus encouraged to present projects of other works and their methodology.

Mornings are spent in review and critique of the previous day’s work though students are given the option to utilize the week to focus on dialogue, as Michael will ensure each participant receives sufficient one on one feedback throughout the week.

All Images ©Michael Christopher Brown

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Instructor: Michael Christopher Brown

Michael Christopher Brown was raised in the Skagit Valley, a farming community in Washington State.  His current work explores the years 2012-2017, a transformative period while working and living between Africa, America and Cuba. His book Libyan Sugar, produced with a phone camera during the Libyan Revolution, won the 2016 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Photo-Book Award and the 2017 International Center of Photography Infinity Artist Book Award. Yo Soy Fidel, which documents Cubans observing Fidel Castro’s funeral procession along the central highway, will be published by Damiani in June 2018. He is based in Los Angeles. His work has been seen in Time, The New York Times, National Geographic, Vogue, HBO, Vice, and other publications.