Explore the world of texture, shape, and light in the traditional B&W darkroom.

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This course is for the examination of the world without the distraction and embellishment of color—a world of texture, shape, and light—as can be shown through the basic techniques of manual photography and the darkroom.

The workshop will cover the basics of black and white analog photography. Students that have little to no experience as well as those that are wanting to reignite their love for B&W Photography are encouraged to enroll. The fundamentals of manual analog image capture, film development, and print enlargement will be covered.

Students will learn how to read a light meter for manual exposure in order to control density and contrast for both the negative and the print. Approximately half of the time will be spent shooting in the field and the other half will be spent in the darkroom. Other areas of discussion in this course are: compositional elements; burning and dodging; archival processing; safety procedures; printmaking techniques.

All image credit ©Harrison Walker

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