Gain a deeper understanding of what appeals to you as you build your photographic body of work, honing your skills and developing your own signature style.

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Honing Your Personal Aesthetic is a class meant for anyone from an advanced beginner to an advanced intermediate photographer, looking to take their photography to a more personal level, by concentrating on several elements or decisions we make and use when producing a photograph. 

Mountain Ranch - By Michael Crouser
Mountain Ranch – By Michael Crouser

Guided by Michael Crouser, we will identify how well-known and established photographers have used such elements as composition, perspective, subject choice, light, black & white vs. color, image presentation, unique setting, and other elements to make their work distinctly their own. Then we will apply these elements to our own daily assignments and review the work afterward in an effort to see what appeals most to you as you construct your photographic body of work. 

Los Toros - By Michael Crouser
Los Toros – By Michael Crouser
Dog Run 74 - By Michael Crouser
Dog Run 74 – By Michael Crouser

This course is an intensive jumping-off point to the rest of your photographic life! By the time we’re done, you will have been inspired by the work of dozens of considered photographers and found a clearer direction for your work. The class will be low-pressure and fun, while full of inspiring imagery and information. 

Valladolid - By Michael Crouser
Valladolid – By Michael Crouser

Students should have a fundamental knowledge of their camera functions and file management system. Students should bring their laptops.

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Instructor: Michael Crouser

Michael Crouser was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and began making photographs in earnest at the age of fourteen, when he set up a darkroom in his parents' basement. 

He graduated from Saint John's University (Collegeville, MN) and immediately began assisting in commercial studios around the Twin Cities. He soon began taking on clients of his own, while also beginning a personal project that would take fifteen years to complete, called LOS TOROS, a black and white examination of the bullfights in Spain, Mexico, Ecuador and France. The project was published as a monograph by Twin Palms Publishers. The book won first prize in the category of Fine Art Book in the 2007 International Photography Awards. Two other highly acclaimed books, DOG RUN and MOUNTAIN RANCH followed, and Crouser is currently working on a fourth project, called "Sin Tiempo", which means "without time" in Spanish.