Create photographs that reflect who you are.

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This workshop is about going beyond making pretty pictures. It’s about discovering your own voice, so you  can make photographs that more clearly reflect who you are – as a photographer and a person. Field trips to  make new pictures, compassionate portfolio reviews, directed writing exercises, and expert technical  assistance in the digital lab will help you to see your own work in a new way, and develop access to your most  valuable photographic tool: intuition.  

It’s tempting to believe great photographs come from “out there,” but the pictures that seem to arrive as  magical gifts from the photo gods actually come from “in here.” This hands-on workshop uses photography  and writing to extract a little bit of the magic that’s always happening inside us – to bring it out in front of us  where we can see it, play with it, and turn it into something truly personal.  

Say “yes” to making new friends, new images, and working on whatever the next step is for you, technically  and metaphorically. This workshop is grownup playtime for photographers. Let’s have fun together enjoying  the beauty of mid-coast Maine, and going deeper: deeper into our work, and into the words we use to  describe our pictures. Deeper into the pictures themselves, and deeper into the techniques we use to craft  them. Join us for this hands-on workshop and learn something new – about photography,  and about yourself.  

“We assemble reality, piece-by-piece, minute-by-minute, inside ourselves. The lens that determines our  experience is the lens of our awareness, and this we have the power to refocus and redirect as we wish.” –  Jean Miele  

This course is not for beginners: participants should have a basic working knowledge of Photoshop and/or Lightroom, and be comfortable on Mac computers. Please arrive for class with a digital camera and all  accessories (cards, batteries, tripod, etc.), a selection of 20 of your favorite images to share with the group  (prints are welcome), a notebook for journaling, lots of (organized) RAW files to work on, and a (Mac formatted) hard drive to bring your files to the workshop and take new work home. 

All image credit ©Jean Miele

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Instructor: Jean Miele

Jean "Gino" Miele's photographs explore the borderlands between fiction and reality, and reflect his lifelong interest in perception, spirituality and mysticism. His images remind us that moments of perfection are possible, and that we create our own reality. He believes every photograph is an act of transformation, and that the photographs we make tell us more about ourselves than about what was in front of the lens. Miele's photographs have appeared in thousands of publications. His artwork has been exhibited internationally, and acquired by collectors worldwide. Gino has taught for Adobe, Apple, ICP, Fuji, Anderson Ranch, and many others. His primary goals are to demystify digital technique and empower students to realize their own photographic vision. For more information, and to see his latest work, please visit: