Learn Final Cut Pro and how to edit videos in this interactive and hands-on workshop that is designed for students with little or no editing experience.

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Final Cut Pro combines revolutionary video editing with powerful organization and performance. Edit faster using Final Cut’s innovative magnetic timeline. Organize your work within Final Cut’s libraries so you never have to worry about losing media.  Students taking this course will find out what makes Final Cut Pro so efficient and fast.

Learning Final Cut Pro at Maine Media

Topics include:

  • Importing and organizing footage within Final Cut’s libraries
  • Editing – Refining and finessing the edit in the magnetic timeline
  • Media management
  • Keyword collections and smart collections
  • Learning how to use the green screen for chroma key
  • 3D text, multicam, compositing, integrating with Apple’s other Pro apps, and more.

This course is interactive and hands-on.  It is designed for students with little or no editing experience.  We start with the basics and build the projects together.  As the class progresses we will integrate more advanced concepts in Final Cut Pro.

What is Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro is a powerful video editing software developed by Apple Inc. It is a non-linear editing system (NLE) that allows editors to work on a digital timeline and manipulate video and audio content, including adding special effects, transitions, and color grading.

It offers a variety of advanced features such as multi-cam editing, motion graphics, audio mixing, and support for high-resolution video formats. Final Cut Pro also integrates with other Apple software, such as Motion, Compressor, and Logic Pro, for additional capabilities.

Who uses Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro is widely used by professional video editors, content creators, filmmakers, and production studios to create a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos, and documentaries.

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Instructor: BJ Attarian

BJ Attarian is a certified Apple Final Cut and DaVinci Resolve trainer.  He engages and works alongside students as they learn the latest in Final Cut and Resolve.  With over 25 years in broadcasting, BJ uses his experience to teach as it relates to current trends in the industry.