Transform how you think about printmaking as you experiment with 19th century photographic processes!

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This is a weeklong investigation and introduction to the 19th C. historic process. You will learn about and practice: The Cyanotype, Salted paper, Albumen, Gum Bichromate and POP process. It’s a hands-on learning week to actually make prints from fine digital negatives. The negatives will be made in house for you from your digital files in our lab. Topics will include: chemistry, paper treatments and preparation, toners and working on understanding exposure. Many materials will be provided to allow you to make work during your stay.

A short materials list will be provided for you to bring to Maine.

All image credit © Brenton Hamilton



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Past student work (clockwise): Kerry Michaels (x2), Robyn Mackay, Pat Bock, Sasha Laurita, Isabelle deBlois, Jeannine Mullan, Rick Allred

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Instructor: Brenton Hamilton

Brenton holds his MFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design. His teaching specialties include, B&W Craft,  Historic Processes, and the History of Photography. Brenton is an enthusiastic workshop leader exhibiting special care and interest in the teaching process and experience for his students.