Work towards building a body of work to tell a larger story and develop your voice

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NOTE: This class will be held in a live, online format using the Zoom platform. 

©Olaf Willoughby

Single images may be how most photos are made but some photographers want to go further. The challenge of a Personal Project produces a body of work that tells a larger story and helps identify your ‘voice’ and visual ‘style’.

This workshop is for photographers thinking of starting a project or already having a body of work in progress. You may be looking to bring your ideas to life in whatever form; a book, an exhibition, a folio or simply a personal statement to share with family/friends. The emphasis is on moving beyond the obvious, going deeper, energizing your photography and exercising your creative muscles.

©Eileen Muldoon

The class is designed to run over five days with learning in the morning and shooting time in the afternoon. Optional portfolio reviews will also be available. We will work through a step-by-step process building a project right from identifying a concept to implementation. We immerse ourselves in numerous inspiring examples of the projects of contemporary photographers and discuss key aspects, including the role of writing, arising from their approaches. Ample time will be available for students to discuss their work, whatever its stage of ideation or development. You will be ‘pushed’ to explain how your work captivates your audience to share your journey. Everyone will benefit from detailed discussion of their ideas and group feedback. Personal projects challenge and identify us as artists. Creating a body of work starts with passion but needs planning and patience to complete. This workshop provides the framework and tools to move your vision closer to the reality of publication. This class is intended for intermediate and advanced students who will be familiar with image capture, basic retouching and transfer between devices.

Class will meet Monday – Friday, 10am-12:30pm EDT and 4-5pm EDT. The morning sessions will begin with a presentation and then a review of the previous day’s work. The afternoons will be set aside to work on the daily assignment. We will meet again at 4pm to discuss goals and progress.   On Friday afternoon there will be a slide presentation of the culmination of the students work from the workshop.  Each student will have the opportunity to have a personal portfolio review during the week. 

Header Image:  ©Olaf Willoughby

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Instructor: Eileen McCarney Muldoon

Eileen is a fine art photographer living and working in Jamestown, RI. Her photographic style has been described as painterly, but she prefers to attribute her style to the gift that photography has given her to see the world with the eyes of an artist. She uses natural light as a means to express emotion. When Eileen is not working on her art, she is teaching photography at local, regional and international workshops. Her work has been exhibited at Newport Art Museum, The Providence Art Club, Mystic Arts Center and numerous galleries throughout New England and New York. Additionally, Eileen has had two books published and is currently working on her third.

Instructor: Olaf Willoughby

Olaf Willoughby is a photographer, writer, researcher and facilitator living in London. His life paths include a career in marketing, where he consults on the use of storytelling to improve business communications, and a passion for photography where he shoots and writes to develop his creativity and fulfill a desire for advocacy. Olaf is the co-founder of The Leica Meet a Facebook/website group that currently nearly 18,000 members.   He has been endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund in the distribution of 5,000 ebooks to raise money for environmental causes, and was featured on the International Polar Year website. Over the past several years Olaf has spoken on the art of using storytelling to improve business communications in London, Basel, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Athens and Chicago.