Be personally guided as you develop a TV series idea into a proposal that’s ready to be pitched to networks and producers.

Dec 8, 2022 - Feb 3, 2023

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate,
Workshop Fee: $1295
Class Size: 5

Note: This course will be held online using the Zoom Platform. Class meets as a group every other week (Thursdays 5-7pm EST) with alternating 1:1 appointments. View the schedule below.

Learn how to develop a TV series from an initial concept to the point that it’s ready to be pitched to networks and producers. You’ll see what goes into convincing showrunners and network executives to take the next steps to push a show forward.

Over eight weeks, you will develop your show idea into a proposal, bible, and pilot outline with the guidance of experienced writer/producer Alice Rosso who has developed projects for AMC, Pulse Films, Antoncorp, Netflix, and many more. The workshop will meet as a group every other week; in the intervening weeks, you will meet with the instructor one-on-one for an hour of personalized guidance and mentoring.

Learn how to craft the world, characters, and story of a series and transform a concept into the structure and format of a proposal and a bible. We will also examine the difference between serialized and episodic, and how genre affects their structure. Along the way, we will examine case studies of other successful pitches and proposals, and analyze pilots that have effectively launched the world and characters of other shows.  

After creating your proposal and bible, you will be guided through the drafting of a pilot outline so that you are ready to start writing your pilot script. You will also be shown how to draft a query letter to agents. 

Leave the class with a solid foundation for your show and the tools to pitch it.

2022-23 Schedule:

  • Thursday, Dec 8 (5-7 pm EST): Group meeting
  • Week of Dec 12-16 Individual session by appointment
  • Thursday, Dec 22 (5-7 pm EST): Group meeting

Break for Holidays

  • Week of Jan 3-6: Individual session by appointment
  • Thursday, Jan 12 (5-7 pm EST): Group meeting
  • Week of Jan 16-20: Individual session by appointment
  • Thursday, Jan 26 (5-7 pm EST): Group meeting
  • Week of Jan 30-Feb 3: Individual session by appointment

If you have a question about this or any of our workshops, please email [email protected] and we’d be happy to help.

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Instructor: Alice Rosso

Alice Rosso is an award winning writer and development producer who has been working in the UK and US television industry for the past seven years. She has developed projects for…