Guided by DM Witman, explore & develop the concept of "sense of place" through art, field trips & image reviews in picturesque coastal Maine.

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Developing a Sense of Place - Flowers, by Deanna Witman

How do we engage with the spaces and places around us, and what differentiates the two? Place is a dynamic concept that deals with how we as individuals and communities find meaning. Sense of Place can be experienced in a short span of time, or over a lifetime.

Our week in Maine will focus on how space becomes a place through historic and contemporary artworks, field trips along the Maine coast and interior, as well as daily image reviews from the daily excursions. Field trips to record the essence of coastal Maine – its light, landscape, and culture.

Developing a Sense of Place - River, by Deanna Witman

The workshop is for the novice to the experienced image-maker to gain experience in working with the concept of “sense of place” whether a curiosity or for projects underway.

All images copyright DM Witman.


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Instructor: DM Witman

DM Witman is a transdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of environmental disruption and the human relationship to place in the Age of the Anthropocene. Her creative practice is deeply rooted within the realm of the effects of humans on this world using photographic materials, video, and installation. DM is affiliated with Cove Street Arts, Portland. Recent interviews and publications include The Guardian, BBC Culture, WIRED, Boston Globe, and Art New England. She actively exhibits her work and has been recognized with grants from the Maine Arts Commission, The Kindling Fund, The John Anson Kittredge Fund, and the Puffin Foundation.