Guided by Jari Poulin, let your images take on a new life in the inky world of printmaking where photographic images and transfers are combined to reveal, conceal, and augment your imagery in new and exciting ways.

Aug 19, 2024 - Aug 23, 2024

Levels: Intermediate, Advanced,
Workshop Fee: $1495
Workshop Duration: 1-week (Monday-Friday)
Workshop Location: On-campus
Class Size: 8

An image of a man
Learn hands-on skills that will allow you to use monoprints, stencils, collagraphs, and other techniques to turn your images into works of art.

A photographic image can be altered, enhanced, disrupted, augmented, and expanded with printmaking in such a way that can add meaning, message, and an enhanced visual experience for the viewer.  If you have ever wanted to put your hand to your images with ink, paint, or other materials, this is the course for you. You will learn to visualize layers, get down and dirty creatively, and deploy a printmaking skill set to execute your vision of revealing, concealing, and augmenting your imagery in new and exciting ways.

This course explores the potential of images to take on a new life in the inky world of printmaking where photographic images and transfers are combined with inks in the forms of monoprints, stencils, collagraphs, and other techniques.  In the span of a week, you will explore a variety of these techniques to expand the potential of your imagery within the framework of printmaking and photo transfers.

composite 1-1 - by Jari Poulin

In our workshop, we will begin with photographic images as the basic building block on which layers of monoprints, stencils, and other techniques are combined to augment and build interesting intersections of ideas, chance, and expressive mark making.

Printmaking is a traditional artistic process in which one transfers images from one or more matrices onto another surface, most often paper.

Examples of Photo-based Printmaking in Layers:

20220528 - by Jari Poulin

L1030266 - by Jari Poulin

DSC5684 - by Jari Poulin

All images copyright Jari Poulin

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Instructor: Jari Poulin

Jari Poulin is an artist who uses photography and printmaking based in Ithaca, NY.  She holds her MFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design (formerly the Art Institute of Boston). Her work is portrait based and explores ideas of the ephemeral, memory, and identity. As a former dancer/choreographer her work often features movement and dance or the implied sense of physicality and energetics.