Guided by Manjari Sharma, learn to expand your visual vocabulary and embolden your thought process so you can pre-visualize and execute compelling bodies of work.

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This class will expand your visual vocabulary and embolden your thought process— so you can pre-visualize and execute compelling bodies of work. Through thoughtful shooting assignments, portfolio reviews, readings, student discussions, and critiques, we will aim to gain a deeper understanding of the trajectory of photography from its history to its contemporary practice. This class will introduce you to photography’s conceptual and expressive potential as an art form while exposing students to a diverse roster of artists. The inner landscape of the human mind is rich with material that could become our greatest muse. The purpose of this class is to teach students how to use their cameras with the intent to turn them into powerful visuals that elicit their desired response.

Course objectives

  • Students will hone in on their artistic interests and personal vision.
  • Students will be assigned shooting assignments and be expected to bring work to critiques.
  • Students will be introduced to historical and contemporary photography.
  • Students will be exposed to a diverse range of artists and study their art practice and execution.
  • Students will learn to transform their theoretical ideas and interests into images.
  • Students will be given a roadmap and tools to plan their creative journey ahead.

All images copyright Manjari Sharma.

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Instructor: Manjari Sharma

Manjari Sharma (1979, born and raised in Mumbai, India) makes work that is rooted in portraiture addressing the issues of identity, multiculturalism, and personal mythology. Manjari's work has been awarded, published, and exhibited internationally. Manjari's series 'Darshan', a photographic re-imagining of Hindu deities have garnered her wide critical acclaim, and her work has been recognized in print and online by The New York Times, Vice Magazine, CNN, LA Times, The Huffington Post, and NPR to name a few.