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Working with artificial lighting can be challenging, but working with lighting on location brings another level of challenges to making a photograph.

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Join M.D. Welch as he guides you through the highs, lows, gear, and workflow of lighting outside the confines of a studio, and making light sing on location. With over 20 years of teaching experience, M.D. bring his knowledge of location lighting in the commercial, portrait and editorial photography fields to the classroom.

Class will start with an introduction to lighting, the essential setups, on set and location safety. From there students will learn how to take the in-studio skills and translate them for any location assignment.

As class progresses, students will learn how to work with multiple lights, mixed lighting, balancing ambient light, and using gels to not only color correct lights, but to also add drama to scenes and subjects. Lighting modifiers will also be demonstrated and used in detail, not only how the shape light, but how those modifiers will influence setup time and working in the field.

Working with artificial light on location is more than just gear. Students will learn how to make the most out of small kits, quick setups and those clients that only have 5 minutes of time for a photo. Large jobs, working with crews and multiple light sources will be the next step in this journey on location.

By course end, students will not only have an understanding about working with artificial light, but an arsenal of knowledge and workflows that will make not only the gear they bring on set perform at the highest level, but results that will have a lasting impact in the photography for years to come.

No prior experience with lighting is required.

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Past student work: Paula Driscoll, Jack Auer, Lily Newlacil, Pat Trotter

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Instructor: M.D. Welch

Pushing the boundaries of light and motion, M.D. Welch works with clients to develop and communicate a visual narrative through dynamic imagery. Drawing inspiration from the vast bright light of the Western skies, M.D. merges available natural resources with the power of technology to push the limitations of a camera, challenge perception and record moments, creating interactions and products for both commercial and editorial clients. His passions go beyond working behind the camera. Over the last 20 years, he has taught all the major Adobe applications, photography and video techniques for the University of Nevada, Shooting the West, the Nevada Museum of Art, the Academy of Art, and the Maine Media Workshops. Bringing not only the technical aspects of the arts, but the real-world lessons that come from working in the field for over 25 years. His knowledge, passion and energy applied to the subjects he teaches have been the hallmark of his teaching career.