Learn efficient research methods, and how to make the most of vintage clips, and rights and clearances

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Archival material is the backbone of any historical documentary. Vintage footage and photographs give us the visceral connection and sensual texture that connects us with the past.

This workshop covers the entire archival process from research of footage, still photos and fine art, to the ordering process and clearing rights, as well as issues surrounding copyright, public domain and fair use.

Students learn efficient research methods, how to make the most of the National Archives and other public resources, and the most sensible approaches to using commercial stock footage.

Whether your interest is local stories or broad national or international topics, you can make the most of your budget while developing archival as a substantial and meaningful dimension to your film.

This workshop is taught by an Emmy Award-winning Archival Image Researcher, Rich Remsberg. Remsberg works regularly on American Experience, NOVA and other PBS productions, as well as programs for National Geographic, History Channel, museum exhibits, and independent films. He is the author of Hard Luck Blues: Roots Music Photographs from the Great Depression.

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