Guided by visual artist and educator Granville Carroll, create experiential images using digital compositing and manipulation techniques in Photoshop, transforming your images into new and imaginative spaces.

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Granville Carroll - Divergence, 2021

The photographic medium has been associated with philosophical discussions on truth. In this course, we will examine individual truths and how to use abstraction and symbolism to tell your own stories. Using the malleability of the photographic medium, students will transform their images into new and imaginative spaces. We will address how symbolism, metaphor, and abstraction act as catalysts to activate the imagination.

Students will have the opportunity to open their minds and learn how to create experiential images using digital compositing and manipulation techniques. We will explore how layering, masking, color harmony, and more come together to create engaging and dynamic photographic imagery.

Granville Carroll - Sublimation, 2022

In addition to improving on technical and aesthetic skills, there will be a focus on concept development and execution. Students will be introduced to various artists and movements to help employ them to honor tradition and push past it. This course will provide a safe space to experiment and take risks in your creative practice to elevate it to a new level. It is highly encouraged that students construct their own narratives, whether it is personal, familial, political, spiritual, or beyond. This course will act as a physical space to manifest what exists within the mind’s eye.

Granville Carroll - Ori, 2019

Course requirements

This is a photoshop based course. Mac computers are provided in the classroom.

All images copyright Granville Carroll.

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Instructor: Granville Carroll

Granville Carroll is a visual artist, educator at Arizona State University, and Afrofuturist working with digital technology, poetry, and alternative processes to conjure new worlds. Carroll’s artwork explores photographic representation and vision to understand the process of existence and interpretation. Simultaneously, he explores and expands ideas around racial blackness to encompass spatial blackness, temporal blackness, and spiritual blackness. Carroll highlights the imaginative qualities of the human mind through world-building and storytelling to discover new futures and states of being. At the core of his practice are the investigation into metaphysics and the ontology of self and the universe.

Carroll is currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Carroll has been named Top 50 Critical Mass 2022 (Photolucida), a 2022 NYSCA/NYFA Fellow, 2022 JGS Photography Fellow, 2021 Silver List artist, Project Space AIR (Visual Studies Workshop), and a 2020 Top 200 Critical Mass Finalist. Carroll earned a BFA in photography from Arizona State University in 2018 and an MFA in photography and related media from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2020. His work has been displayed nationally and internationally. Carroll’s work has been widely published, appearing in Light and Lens: Thinking About Photography in the Digital Age, There’s Light: Artworks & Conversations Examining Black Masculinity, Identity & Mental Well-Being, Humble Arts Foundation, Lenscratch, Black Is Magazine, Fraction Magazine and more.