Spend a week with legendary illustrator, photographer, and filmmaker Matt Mahurin, exploring your life as a professional artist while being inspired to discover a unique and marketable vision of your art.

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This workshop will offer the opportunity to explore life as a professional artist with an illustrator, photographer, and filmmaker who has worked at the highest levels for forty years. Matt Mahurin has directed videos for U2, Sting, Metallica, Tom Waits, Tracy Chapman, Lou Reed, David Byrne, and Joni Mitchell. Photo essays on the Texas Prison System, abortion clinics, the homeless, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Belfast. Published four books of photographs and has work in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His films have played at the Sundance Film Festival and the Museum of Modern Art.

This workshop is for

Photographers, filmmakers, and digital artists determined to explore their purpose with passion.

The goal of the workshop

Is to inspire students to discover a unique and marketable vision of their art through demonstrations, discussions, and an assignment.

Students will leave the workshop with

A greater sense of practical knowledge and creative possibilities for their careers.

Tom Waits, by Matt Mahurin
Quest Love, by Matt Mahurin

Class Sessions

Matt will tell thrilling, challenging, funny, scary, and lucrative stories through sharing professional assignments and personal projects. He will use photography, Photoshop, and Procreate to take an image from concept to completion.

Ed Koch, Mayor New York City, by Matt Mahurin

The Assignment

A self-portrait that captures Your Creative Life.

  • Share a brief description of Your Creative Life with the class. What are your past accomplishments and your future goals? What makes you unique as a creative being?
  • Matt will demonstrate the conceptual sketch process in exploring your imagination to reflect Your Creative Life.
  • Your self-portrait sketch will be presented to the group for review.
  • Bring your self-portrait to a finished image using photography, digital art, or filmmaking.

Students should bring their own laptops.

Student Testimonials

“Matt Mahurin has a way about him. A poet with a paintbrush, a photographer with a visionary focus. Whether still camera, video camera, traditional or digital art, he creates work that is hypnotic and charged with electricity. When you meet him in person it does not take long to realize that he is the real deal. I took a workshop with Matt Mahurin that left my mind racing with new ideas and possibilities. It was truly a transformative experience. He said things that I needed to hear and told stories I will never forget. One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself as an artist.” John Dinser

“Infinitely inspired and inspiring, I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend a few days learning about his process—without question, the most important teacher of my life.” Evan Hurd

“Matt Mahurin is an extraordinary talent, a sweet man and a generous teacher. He gave us the challenge of fulfilling an assignment that he was commissioned to do so we could experience his thought process and his technique. He is a rare bird and a treat to meet. Don’t miss the opportunity.” Amy Arbus

“Making the decision to work with Matt will change your creative life. Not doing so, you’ll be missing the opportunity to work with one of the best creative minds working today. A true artist, teacher, and creative visionary. As the Director of the Art Kane Photographic Workshop, I brought Matt in for a workshop in film and photography, it was the best workshop that year. His hands-on approach was exceptional. Downright amazzzzing. The students were spellbound.” William Deering

Kurt Cobain, by Matt Mahurin
Matt Mahurin, Keyhole
Amnesty International Portrait, by Matt Mahurin
Matt Mahurin self portrait

All images copyright Matt Mahurin.

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Instructor: Matt Mahurin

Matt Mahurin has spent over forty years as an illustrator, photographer, film director and teacher.  His political and social illustrations have appeared in Time, Newsweek, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Esquire, The London Observer and New York Times Op-Ed pages. He has published three books of his fine-art photographs, and will be releasing The Imagemaker’s Handbook in 2023 — A five volume, 2,000 page practical and philosophical exploration on life and work as a creative professional for students, pros, and educators in illustration, photography, and filmmaking.

His photographs and films are held in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  He is the recipient of gold and silver medals from The Society of Illustrators and his films and documentaries have received numerous honors from Sundance Film Festival, Sundance Channel, Hampton Film Festival and others. He has directed music videos for U2, Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Tracy Chapman, Sting, Bonnie Raitt, Ice-T, Metallica, David Byrne and Joni Mitchell.