Merge old and new technologies by using photopolymer plates!

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Photopolymer plates expand the possibilities of letterpress, allowing us to design digitally but print traditionally.  The process involves exposing light-sensitive photopolymer with UV light through a digital negative to create a printable plate. Its a great alternative to hand-set type for longer text blocks and lets students use fonts we don’t have in our lead type selection. Photopolymer also opens the door to letter pressing line-drawings and halftones.

This course will cover the possibilities and constraints of photopolymer, how to prep files in InDesign and Photoshop for printing digital negatives, how to make and care for polymer plates, and finally, how to use them on the letterpress! This is a great introductory course for students who want to learn how to use the letterpress and for students interested in printing designs beyond hand-set type. Students are encouraged to come to class prepared with content they would like to convert to photopolymer plates and print on the letterpress—anything from line drawings to quotes to written work. Each student will come away with a finished print.

Lunch each day is included. Lodging is available on campus $75/night, private room & bath.

Header Image Credit: Drew Cornwall

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Instructor: Richard Reitz Smith (March dates)

Richard Reitz Smith is our new Book Arts Program Chair and Studio Manager. He is an artist trained as a graphic designer and excels in marrying traditional techniques with modern technology in the pursuit of all forms of book arts and letterpress printing.