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This workshop is for cinematographers and filmmakers looking for intensive practice in the role of the 1st Assistant Camera. You will learn from a career 1st AC, all the essential functions of the job. We will practice building advanced camera packages such as the ARRI Alexa, following the proper steps, and becoming familiar with all the essential peripherals of the kit, as well as the nuances of the menu systems. We will then move into the 1st Assistant’s key role of the focus pull. We will practice setting our marks and maintaining focus in a variety of challenging scenarios, both with wireless follow-focus units as well as manually on the lens barrel. Throughout this process we will regularly be changing lenses, and will follow safe, industry protocols in doing so. 

As the week progresses, the shots we will attempt will become increasingly complex, challenging students to be extremely precise in maintaining their focus even while subjects and the camera both move. We will also discuss paperwork, focus theory, footage formats, the process of scene blocking and marking actors, set procedures, and other practical and real-world aspects of working on a camera crew.

Students leave with extensive practical knowledge and technical ability, ready to take their next steps as a 1st AC. 

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