Leading a More Creative Life with David H. Lyman

Join the founder of The Maine Photographic Workshops (now Maine Media) for a version of his inspirational Monday Morning Creativity lecture.We are all creative, but some people are more creative than others. Who are the really creative people? How can you tell how creative you are, and what can you do to be more creative? David has been researching, writing and lecturing about creativity and the creative process, for more than 40 years. His Monday Morning Creativity lecture during the 35 years he was The Workshops’ director has inspired tens of thousands of career professionals. The Workshops provided a unique laboratory for this research and the discoveries he made. But, it has been his own... Read more »

The Creative Entrepreneur: Making it Real with Alexis Alexanian

Join pioneering film producer Alexis Alexanian for this inspiring exploration of how to make your visions real.The Alumni Lecture Series takes place online, via Zoom.Film producer Alexis Alexanian knows all about how to go the distance with a vision. She helped to pioneer an innovative start-up, produced highly-acclaimed independent films on micro-budgets, and has worked with creative visionaries for much of her career. Through it all, it always comes down to one question: how do you align a creative goal with the resources it takes to achieve it? How does an artist develop an entrepreneurial spirit in the quest for creative independence and fulfillment? Join her for this inspiring exploration of how to make your... Read more »

Visionary Award Honoree Cig Harvey in Conversation with Donna McNeil

The Strand Theatre 345 Main St, Rockland, ME, United States

Join Cig Harvey and Maine Media for an evening of celebration at Dowling Walsh Gallery and The Strand Theatre in Rockland.Please join us to celebrate our 2023 Visionary Award Honoree, Cig Harvey! All are welcome to attend for an evening of art, conversation, and festivities. The evening will kick off at 5pm with a cocktail reception at Dowling Walsh Gallery, where Cig's new exhibit FEAST will be on show: a wonderful opportunity to mingle and to see Cig's newest work.Then, we will collectively make our way to The Strand Theatre at 6:15pm for a screening of her film Eat Flowers by River Finlay, featuring words and images by Cig. The screening will be followed by... Read more »

Artist and Writer Cig Harvey to Receive Maine Media’s Visionary Award

The Inn at Ocean's Edge, hosted by Gail and John Bertuzzi 24 Stonecoast Road, Lincolnville, ME, United States

Maine Media's Visionary Awards Dinner will honor and celebrate artist Cig Harvey and the 2023 Arnold Newman Prize winner.The Maine Media Visionary Awards Dinner is an exciting event recognizing the most innovative and creative minds in the media industry. Join us on Saturday, September 30th at 5pm at The Edge in Lincolnville hosted by Gail and John Bertuzzi for an unforgettable evening of celebration. This year's Visionary Award will honor the highly esteemed British artist and writer Cig Harvey the winner of the 2023 Arnold Newman Prize.Our Visionary Award honorees are pioneers in their respective fields, pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible in media. The awards ceremony will take place over a delicious sit-down... Read more »

Visual Narratives, Layer by Layer with Diana Bloomfield

Join artist Diana Bloomfield as she discusses her work in antique printing and photographic techniques."As a native North Carolinian, I come from a long line of storytellers. I can still see those stories in my mind's eye. And so, for almost 40 years, I have told my own stories visually-- always linking that ever-shifting past to the present. In this talk, I'll explore why I choose antique printing techniques and hand-built creations to weave my own contemporary narratives." –Diana BloomfieldHeader image: Ribboned Water  by Diana Bloomfield, tri-color gum bichromateDiana H. BloomfieldAn exhibiting artist for almost forty years, Diana has received numerous awards for her images. She was named a Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist in... Read more »

On Photography and Other Matters… with Richard Renaldi

Richard Renaldi will talk about his newest series and contextualize the work in relation to the recurring themes throughout his career.Join photographer Richard Renaldi as he discusses his newest series Disturbed Harmonies and contextualizes the work in relation to the recurring themes that have emerged in his thirty-five plus years of making photographs. Header image: Work from Richard Renaldi's series Disturbed HarmoniesView the entire Fall 2023 Alumni Lecture Series here.Richard Renaldi was born in Chicago in 1968. He received a BFA in photography from New York University in 1990. He is represented by Benrubi Gallery in New York and Robert Morat Galerie in Berlin. Five monographs of his work have been published, including Richard Renaldi:... Read more »

Unfolding Universe: Cycles of Creation & Destruction with Granville Carroll

Join artist, Afrofuturist, and educator Granville Carroll as he shares his project In the Finite, Infinitely.Join artist, Afrofuturist, and educator Granville Carroll as he shares his project In the Finite, Infinitely. Dive into the creative and imaginative world where matter and energy coalesce into celestial corporeal forms. Experience the universe unfold and reform through transformational cycles of creation and destruction.Header image: Unfolding, 2020 by Granville CarrollView the entire Fall 2023 Alumni Lecture Series here.Granville Carroll is a visual artist, educator at Arizona State University, and Afrofuturist working with digital technology, poetry, and alternative processes to conjure new worlds. Carroll’s artwork explores photographic representation and vision to understand the process of existence and interpretation. Simultaneously, he... Read more »

Greenlight Your Film Career in One Year: CCF Virtual Open House

Join our virtual open house to learn more about Maine Media College's Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking (CCF).Greenlight your film career in one year. Join our virtual open house to learn more about our Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking (CCF).Through this interactive Open House, you will learn how the Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking (CCF) program at Maine Media College provides participants an intense hands-on, creativity-driven entry into the film, television and web media industries.Meet with Wayne Beach (Film Program Chair), and CCF students to learn first-hand about this intensive, immersive experience. Once registered you will receive an email from Maine Media with a Zoom link on the day of the event.Who Should AttendIndividuals seeking an alternative to... Read more »

Setting the Look: Transforming Environments in Film & TV with Lydia Marks

This Alumni Lecture features the words and work of award-winning set decorator Lydia Marks (The Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City).Go behind the scenes of set decoration for film, TV and photography with accomplished set decorator Lydia Marks. Drawing on case studies from her work on films and shows such as The Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City, Tick Tick Boom!, Maniac, Invasion, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and Synecdoche NY, Lydia will shed light on the unexpected ways set decoration can can amplify story, character and tone. Whether it’s transforming a Harlem block into Times Square or a suburban landscape to reflect an extraterrestrial invasion, she’ll also explore the surprising aspects of her... Read more »

1930’s Hollywood: Women in the Sun & Shadows with Imogen Sara Smith

Join this lecture exploring women in 1930s Hollywood, guided by film critic, historian, and Criterion Channel regular Imogen Sara Smith.Writer and film historian Imogen Sara Smith will explore the role of women in shaping one of cinema’s most volatile and memorable decades: 1930’s Hollywood. The thirties found Hollywood navigating the Great Depression, technologies that would transform the medium, censorship, an influx of European emigres, the triumph of the studio system, and the evolution of genres. Through it all, women played powerful roles behind the scenes within the studios, while also dominating screens with bold and transgressive performances. See how women shaped the rich delights of this complex and alluring era that still invades our dreams.View... Read more »