$20 per hour based on experience.

Maine Media is looking to hire a passionate Sous Chef to assist in preparing and serving a simple menu that rotates weekly to focus on fresh, local ingredients.

Open June-October. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner Mon-Fri. Flexible shifts. Weekends off. Creative, low­ stress work environment based on trust and respect.

Prepare and serve food for a banquet style dining experience that shifts away from the traditional cafeteria buffet. Imagine a community gathering with a central banquet table.

Help maintain a low-stress work environment that encourages learning, passion, and the mutual sharing of ideas.

A Healthy Mindset – Be flexible. Communicate well. Be willing to jump between different tasks because we all wash dishes here! Your willingness to learn and grow is everything!
Basic Kitchen Experience – Looking for basic knife skills and the ability to comfortably cook in a professional kitchen. Must be able to interact with students and faculty in a professional manner. Leave your ego at the door!

• Make food from scratch with fresh, local ingredients.
• Meet interesting students and instructors from around the world studying and teaching photography, filmmaking, and more.
• Flexible shifts that can be tailored to your schedule.
• Flexible hours (can you give us 30? 40? Let’s make it work)!
• Learn from a skilled chef with years of experience.
• Free meals and coffee while working.
• Weekends off.
• No late nights.

Complete Maine Media’s online application and we will contact you if this position is right for you!