Film & Acting Policy

Maine Media provides an opportunity to grow, to stretch and to explore new ways of seeing and making films. They are not intended to serve as a primary opportunity to build a personal reel or to create work for sale or publication. It is also an opportunity for talent to gain skills and exposures by working with experienced filmmakers and students). We want to be sure that both the talent and the filmmakers are comfortable so that everyone can give their best effort. We also want to be clear in our understanding and expectation of certain basic rules governing the use of work (i.e., film, video and other media) that is created during the course.

Maine Media requires all filmmaking talent review, complete & sign the Film & Acting Talent Policy Form.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected].

Model Agreement

Maine Media Workshops + College values its relationship with models who agree to work with our students. We believe that it is important that all models understand and agree with the policies that we have established for our models and students, including our policies with respect to the Maine Medias’ Standard Model Release.

Maine Media requires all models to review & sign the Model Agreement From.

Other Forms