Updated: March 2020


Transparency is one of the Maine Media Workshops + College’s top priorities. We believe the community is best able to ensure their safety when they’re informed. We gather and disseminate information on emergencies and dangerous situations through our emergency notification policy.


In the event that a situation arises, that, in the judgment of the Campus Oversight Team (COT), constitutes a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the MMW+C’s community, a campus-wide “emergency notification” will be issued immediately. One or all (working together) of the Campus Oversight Team will determine what information should be conveyed in the warning, and will initiate the notification process. The warning will be issued through MMW+C’s email, and may also be issued through text messages and/or cell phone calls. The emergency warning will be distributed to all MMW+C’s students, faculty, and staff who are present on campus. The emergency notification will include instructions for appropriate action. The first priorities in an emergency situation are to assist the victim(s), and contain and respond to the emergency. The emergency notification will not be sent if that action would compromise the response to the first priorities.

Anyone with information warranting an emergency notification should report the circumstances to a Campus Oversight Team (COT), by phone, email, or in person.

Michael Mansfield, President 207.236.8581 x350 [email protected]
Elizabeth Greenberg, Provost 207.236.8581 x353 [email protected]
Kerry Curren, Director of Student Services 207.236.8581 x303 [email protected]
Cathi Finnemore, Director of Finance & Administration 207.236.8581 x360 [email protected]

Disseminating emergency information to the larger community
Maine Media Workshops + College Campus Oversight Team will determine if the emergency needs to disseminate to individuals and/or organizations outside of the campus community. Maine Media Workshops + College will do this by contacting the local law enforcement.

Annual testing
Maine Media Workshops + College will test the emergency notification procedure on an annual basis.