Shelley Vandegrift Profile PictureShelley Vandegrift became a photographer at the age of 10 capturing her surroundings and printing in her father’s darkroom.

From that early time, the technical components of the post-production process held as much attraction for her as the creative experience behind the lens.

The introduction of digital cameras married her two passions: photography and computers. Shelley has a knack for explaining the technical in ways everyone can understand regardless of their relationship with technology. She has the privilege of bringing that knack to her teaching with Laurie Klein, her artistic mentor, and friend, to guide other photographers to achieve their own artistic vision through the magic of post-processing.  

Shelley teaches and guest lectures for a wide variety of venues including DxO, Skylum, LACP, and camera organizations around the world. Shelley’s work has been featured in B&W Magazine and New Mexico Magazine and has appeared in A. Smith Gallery, Lucas Gallery, and the Art Travelers Gallery at Dallas’ Love Field.

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