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Scott is a practicing artist focusing on large-scale public works and experimental small-scale forms.  His work interprets the natural world and has a diverse range, utilizing photography, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, large-scale metal, glasswork and ephemeral materials like fire, ice and projection.  Fuller’s work has been exhibited throughout the USA and in a total of thirty different countries around the world.  His work has been published in international exhibition catalogs, books, periodicals; local media and has appeared on national television in the USA and China.  Scott received an award in Beijing for a landscape sculpture created for the Summer Olympics and presented the work in the California Governor’s Office during a cultural exchange between Chinese and American artists. Scott currently teaches as a member of Maine Media Workshops+ College MFA Core Faculty and runs his creative projects through Scott Fuller studios LLC. Previously he was the founder of the BFA program at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine where he made art and worked with students for sixteen years. 

Scott is also an aerial cinematographer for AquaTerraFilms Natural History Unit and is currently working on documentaries Maine Wild and North American Waters. 

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E-lumination was a temporary public installation in collaboration with artist Matt Burnett.

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